What’s The Best Season To Move?

So, you’ve decided to move. Now all you have to do is settle on a date. But, when’s the best season to move? Well, it depends. Are you looking for the lowest rates? Would you prefer to prioritize good weather? Do you have children enrolled in school? These factors and more will play a crucial role in determining which season would be ideal for your move. Below, the experienced movers with our Florida moving company help simplify the decision by breaking down the unique benefits and drawbacks of moving during each season.

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So long as you’re prepared for spring showers, the spring season’s not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather makes it an opportune time to move. Better yet, since homebuyers typically want to move in the summer, marketing a home in the competitive spring season might allow you to sell for a good price. Additionally, since fewer people will move in the spring, moving companies will have lower rates. The only drawback is spring is a busy time for school-aged kids. In particular, older students might need time to study for upcoming exams.


If you’re college-aged or have kids in school, summer will likely be the most suitable time to schedule a move. Plus, between warm weather and longer daylight hours, a move during the summer season should be convenient and grant you plenty of time to unload. One might choose to avoid moving during the summer because of the high price tag. Generally, summer is the busiest time of the year for moving, which can drastically change the prices of rental equipment and moving services. If you’d prefer to save money, it might be best to wait for a different season.


Have school-age children? Then you might find moving during the fall, right as the school year starts ramping up, to be a challenge. However, if you don’t, the fall could be a great time to schedule a move! The fall’s cool weather will make it easy to unload your truck without getting drenched in sweat. Fall is also not a popular time for a move, so prices will be lower. Plus, moving before the holidays gives you just enough time to get the new place ready for visits from friends and family.


Winter is generally regarded as the least convenient time to schedule a move. Temperatures are frigid, the kids are in school, and traffic is heavy due to the holidays. However, there is a silver lining: low prices. Since many people choose to avoid moving during the winter, moving companies will have considerably lower moving rates compared to other seasons. So, if affordable rates are all you’re after — a winter move could be perfect for you!