Decluttering: What to Get Rid Of During A Move

Moving is almost always an exhausting feat, but a wise approach can dramatically simplify the ordeal. The easiest way to streamline a moving experience is by removing all excess. Anything that is non-essential can be discarded. This will make the entire job much easier, but you need to know which items to remove. To make relocation a happier time, the following guide explores belongings that can be donated or thrown away.


What To Declutter Before You Move:

Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals

Printed subscriptions are fun, but they can quickly accumulate a lot of extra weight for movers to handle. Furthermore, their tiny size makes it easy for disorganization to ensue. Avoid scattered messes by recycling old publications. This will make room for the next issues that will be arriving at your new address. Do not worry about losing any information, especially since most publishers back up their content online.


book clutter

These may not be issued as regularly as the previous items, but they are just as digitally accessible. E-readers can contain an entire bookshelf, and the knowledge will be permanently stored in your pocket. The need to lug around boxes of books is over. Any release that has a digital backup can be given away before the big move. More drastic measures can be taken as well; in fact, a whole literature collection can be exchanged for a library card. Take the extra books there as a gift to the community.


Songs are no longer solely stored on clunky hardware like records and CDs. Digital alternatives are everywhere. The Internet has copies of almost every track in existence, so rip the music and dump the discs! Obsolete media should be eliminated. Get rid of the cabinets full of cassettes and 8-tracks. Trade the cases of music for an MP3 player, or simply buy a hard-drive just for tunes. The movers will thank you when the time comes.


Relocation offers the perfect chance to measure the worth of your furniture. A discerning eye will help you figure out what items belong in your new home. If your new place is furnished, then your old furniture can be moved to the dumpster. Gainesville movers will help you decide what is worth bringing along for the ride. They will carry anything you want them to, but it is smart to give bigger accessories a second-thought. Huge pieces are nothing more than baggage in the long run.


Avoid the risk of damaging fragile goods by selling them beforehand. While moving companies in Gainesville are adept at handling sensitive items, it may not be worth the extra stress and hassle. There are huge markets for old goods, and the sales can help you recoup some of the losses incurred by moving, which is never free.


In a similar vein, artwork collections should also be narrowed down. They can be quite valuable, so there is no reason to risk possible damage. As a general rule, visual pieces serve no conventional function besides entertainment, so they should be considered expendable unless sentimentality overrules judgment. This rule especially applies to large canvases, gigantic sculptures and installation pieces. It is very easy to find receptive audiences for creative works, and the extra room will be incredibly refreshing.


These days, people acquire gadgets at a rapid pace. Upgrades are continuously released, and new models often lead to older ones being retired. Most of these obsolete devices simply linger around purposelessly. This culminates in quite a mess; therefore, the best route is to eliminate all electronics that aren’t current.


For any more tips, or help with your move go more smoothly, contact UF Mover Guys today!

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Moving Tips: Before, During, and After

Moving day can be exhilarating. You are beginning a new journey and putting your origins down in a different abode. You have been daydreaming about the new home you have attained and it is entertaining to see how renewed and diverse your fixtures and portraits appear when they are positioned in a brand new setting.

But moving day can likewise be hectic. There is a great deal to get done and you, no doubt, want it to go efficiently. Below are several useful moving tips to follow prior to the UF Mover Guys arriving.

Countdown to Moving Day

Weeks Before the Big Move

  • Hold a yard sale. This way you will not have to find a place for them in your new home.
  • Get prepared, and do not delay until a few hours prior to the Gainesville movers coming. Put together a list of tasks you must complete and when they must be finished.

Days Before the Big Move

  • Make certain you are prepared for the movers. Do not overlook washing the laundry, running the dishwasher, packing your luggage, and disconnecting computer plugs, and additional electronics. This will save you a lot of much needed time.
  • Reserve items that you will be taking with you on your trip and visibly mark them as Do Not Pack; such as snacks, cell phones, and other items you may need that day.
  • Put in order to have your accounts closed out at your local bank and start up accounts in your new city. It is best to have this done before moving to your new town to save you time. It also gives you one less thing you have to arrange in your new town.
  • Attain a change-of-address kit from your post office, or you can visit This will ensure that you do not miss any important documents that may come through the mail.
  • Pump out the gas and oil from all of your power equipment, such as your lawnmower, edger, etc., to avoid any messy spills.
  • Schedule house cleaning and additional home services for the day subsequent to loading. This is especially important if you were renting as it ensures you will receive a part or all of your deposit.

The Day of the Big Move

  • Prior to the moving truck departing for your destination, give the driver a phone number where you can be reached. It is likewise an agreeable notion to get the driver’s cell phone number.
  • Be conscious of the following items and warn your Gainesville movers if you need them moved:
    • Flammable objects
    • Combustible objects
    • Spray cans
    • Dangerous supplies
    • Gasoline
    • Vegetation
    • Paints
    • Bullets and explosives
    • Jewelry
    • Legal papers, such as wills, fiscal documents, insurance records, etc.

The Day After the Big Move

  • Have your utilities turned off the day after packing. Make sure it is not before so that it will not be too hot or cold while you are packing and moving.
  • Make your travel preparations for the day following moving day. In the event of weather postponements or other unexpected complications, you would not want to miss a flight or other travel associated schedules.
  • Prior to the moving truck departing for your destination, give the driver a phone number where you can be reached. It is likewise an agreeable notion to get the driver’s cell phone number.

Planning with your Gainesville moving company and if you adhere to these simple moving tips, your household move should be simple and stress free!