How to Pack Heavy Items

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Too many people move items when packing with improper lifting technique. Image is from

One of the most difficult parts of moving is handling heavy objects. Inappropriate packing techniques can cause insurmountable damage to your belongings.

UF Mover Guys has about a decade of experience packing hefty items like TVs and furniture. We recommend taking advantage of our training and handing the responsibility of packing to us.

However, if you are determined to pack on your own, here are our tips for handling your heavy items.

The key to packing heavy objects is to secure your belongings.

Choose small but sturdy cardboard boxes to hold heavy items. Large items take up most of the space inside small containers and are less likely to shift within them. Small boxes also limit how much stuff you can put in them, which prevents them from becoming too heavy when the time comes to move them.

Heavy objects should be bundled tightly inside of boxes. Items should be wrapped in a compact layer of newspaper, packing paper or bubble wrap.

The material you use depends on how heavy the item you are wrapping is. The heavier the object, the thicker the wrapping should be.

No empty space should be inside your boxes. Fill the space with cardboard, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Crumpled paper is not strong enough to work in this case.

Heavy items should be packed in the center of the box with the surrounding area filled as described above. If the weight lies more on one side of the box, it will create problems when lifted by tilting.

In addition, unequal weight distribution and poorly secured objects can cause the box to tip over in the back of the moving truck when being delivered to your new home. This could result in damage to the object and surrounding objects.

Heavy items should be further secured using a thick and strong tape, such as duct tape, to seal the box. Scotch, moving and masking tape obviously will not work for these types of items.

Gathering the proper packing supplies for heavy objects can be costly and time-consuming. In some cases, it may be more cost efficient to hire a moving company to pack for you. UF Mover Guys has the equipment to save you money and get the job done.

Additionally, your safety is a priority to us. Too many people move items when packing with improper lifting technique. The consequences range from sore muscles to torn ligaments to accidents that lead to broken bones and in extreme cases, even death.

You should consider the safety of your stuff as well, and consider how to prepare. Packing heavy items is a tricky process, and one misstep can destroy not only hundreds of dollars in belongings but also years of cherished memories.

Moving to an Apartment in Gainesville, Fla.

Take advantage of the exceptional online tools available for coordinating your move. Image is from

Before you can even worry about getting a Gainesville moving company, you have to find an apartment in Gainesville, Fla. There are a lot of choices in town to choose from, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find your new perfect home.

Fortunately, there are sites dedicated to helping you find the perfect Gainesville apartment that fits your budget and desires to remove a little bit of stress in finding a new apartment.

Whether you have a particular budget, features and amenities, bedrooms or perhaps a combination of it all, you can utilize easy to use filters on these sites to browse through numerous Gainesville apartments.

You’ve done some searching and have it narrowed down to two or three but can’t make up your mind? Try using this tool that lets you compare Gainesville apartments and put the prices and features side by side.  It makes it a lot easier to see it all in on one page of what each apartment complex has to offer.

Still not sure which apartment you want to move to? Take your favorites and read up on the reviews for Gainesville apartments and see what people have to say who are living there or have lived there in the past.

Quickly and easily browse the reviews left by real tenants. Read multiple review sites to get a better feel for the community and understanding of what to expect.

Found an apartment and ready to move?  

Great, that’s where we come in! We will finish the process for you here at UF Mover Guys to continue to make your move as stress free as possible.

We’re here to help you move to your new apartment in Gainesville.  Don’t let the name fool you, we’re a complete Gainesville moving service regardless of whether you live in an apartment near UF or a house somewhere across town.

Contact us today about our moving specials for Gainesville!

Items Movers Can and Should Not Move

You should be aware of the certain items that movers will not transport due to safety, ethical laws or state laws. Image is from

While it’s always great to have the help of a moving company to transport your possessions from one location to another, you should be aware of the certain items that movers will not transport due to safety, ethical laws or state laws. UF Mover Guys can help clarify how particular items can be moved if they won’t do so. Somethings are just better moved personally as opposed to having someone do it for you.

Law states that pets can not be transported in a moving truck over any length of distance. Therefore, you should make arrangements to transport your pet in a personal vehicle while in a carrier or cage for safety.

Most states prohibit transporting plants over a certain distance, typically over 150 miles. So, if you’re relocating across a town, Gainesville Movers can transport your plants. However, if you’re relocating to somewhere over 150 miles away, they won’t be able to.

Hazardous items, which is anything that’s flammable, corrosive, or explosive, will not moved by movers who by law, are required to refuse transporting such items. Any acids, weed killer, bleach, nail polish and remover, gasoline, matches, charcoal, batteries, loaded weapons, fireworks, ammunition, car oil, and anything of that sort should be properly disposed of.

Any item that’s perishable also may not be moved by Gainesville Moving, however they may do so if the perishable items are properly packed and will require no servicing. You’ll have to discuss whether or not they’ll transport your perishable items.

Although it’s not law, you should keep yourself responsible for transporting items that can not be replaced, such as personal records, photos, keys, medications, anything of sentimental value and so forth in case the items get delayed, lost, or damaged in transport by Gainesville Moving.

Companies will also usually not move such items as cash, jewelry, or other items of value. These kind of things are best being moved in a personal vehicle where you know where they are. If you happen to have a lot of valuables that needs transporting, there are specialized companies that can provide security officers for that service.

Whether you’re just relocating a few miles away to another part of town, or venturing off to a new state, laws and regulations can determine what can and can not be transported by a company over a certain distance or not at all. It’s also best to find out this information before making the move and know how to be prepared.

Becoming a Moving Company Detective

Because relocation has many potential pratfalls, our Gainesville Movers believe it is important that consumers become moving-company detectives. Image is from

Moving is one of the most fatiguing and time consuming processes. While many people decide to tackle the task on their own, they often run the risks of hurting their backs, threatening the well-being of their property and taking massive amounts of personal time away from work. Moving-companies can be a life-saver in both expediting and easing the massive undergoing of moving. Regardless, outsourcing to paid movers has its own set of headaches.

We’ve all heard the horror stories; boxes full of precious property gone missing, cracks in 60 inch LED flat screen televisions and irremovable dirty footprints on plush new carpeting. Often times, such stories can be true despite whatever dollar-figure is paid for a mover’s services. In the end, price is secondary to the level of customer service provided by a given company. Because relocation has many potential pratfalls, our Gainesville Movers believe it is important that consumers become moving-company detectives.

Simply browsing a series of web listings, comparing prices and reading company websites is not going to be a enough to make a truly informed financial decision. Instead, customers should arm themselves with important questions, ensuring potential prospects are closely interrogated before one pounces upon a business’s self-proclaimed “hot-deal.” In addition, consumers should always follow up questioning by asking former customers about previous experiences. Reputable companies may swear upon a clean track record and choose to omit instances where their services were not great. In comparison, other customer’s are more willing to be honest with fellow consumers. Ask each business for references that you can follow-up with.

Be sure to use questions similar to these:

  • Did the former customer receive a binding or nonbinding estimate? If the estimate was nonbinding, how much did the mover exceed the quote by? Why did the quote change?
  • When signing the contract, did the reference have the option for any insurance or promised compensation for damage incurred to the customer’s possessions? If so, did the customer find they were good on their promise if damage was incurred?
  • Did the contractor show up at an agreed upon time, as per their contract?
  • How well did the company adhere to the estimated time-line for service?
  • Did the company have the necessary equipment needed to wrap items carefully and provide safe transportation?
  • Did the hired crew have clear directions to the new residence, ensuring their was no wasted time on the road?
  • If any unexpected delays arose, was the reference contacted with an explanation of why they were held up? If so, was the reference charged additionally for the unforeseen issue?
  • Did any of the customer’s belongings suffer damage as a result of the mover’s mishandling any time during the transportation process? If yes, how extensive was the damage?
  • Was the crew enthusiastic, friendly and willing to work hard without complaint? Was the reference met with verbal obstacles and delays? Examples could include, “This item is too large” or “We aren’t hired to take furniture apart”?

Often times, companies similar to UF Mover Guys may offer fantastic service; however, it is still crucial that people ensure every mover investigated is licensed with the Department of Transportation and/or Interstate Commerce Commission of a given state. Contacting the Better Business Bureau can provide a wealth of knowledge on likely moving-company options, including licenses, customer complaints and unethical employee treatment.

Once a consumer has fully researched about four to five companies, one can begin narrowing down choices. From those four to five companies, two or three viable prospects should standout. Only now should a customer begin receiving quotes from moving-companies. Comparing customer service with the offered quote will provide a fully informed prospect. As a detective, costumers can ensure a smooth and affordable relocation process.