Moving Advice for Senior Citizens

Moving Tips for Seniors

After retirement, many senior citizens choose to move in an effort to downsize their living situation or to escape undesirable weather. Whether you’re moving to Florida from out of state, or are simply moving across town, the entire process can be a bit overwhelming. While moving to a new residence is a great way to enjoy a fresh start in a new environment, the moving process can pose a few challenges for seniors who may have more belongings than they ever dreamed or health issues that complicate moving day. As you plan your move, use these Gainesville moving tips to ensure your big move goes seamlessly from start to finish.

Get Help with Packing

Almost every move requires some purging, and you may already feel as though you are in over your head. Instead of throwing up your hands in frustration, consider getting help from professional Gainesville movers who can help you pack your belongings in an organized manner. This will allow you the time to sort through your items and decide which things you will donate to others and which you will keep. Consider donating items you rarely use or pass them on to relatives as heirlooms.

Avoid Moving Day Injuries

Sure, you might have once hoisted a mattress upstairs by yourself in your youth, but why risk doing that now. Moving day injuries are a common concern that can wreck your adjustment to your new residence. For this reason, you should enlist the help of a Gainesville moving company that has both the right equipment and know-how to safely lift and transport heavy furniture, boxes and other items.

Protect Heirlooms and Valuables

Over the years, you have likely accumulated more than a few treasures. Fine china, family heirlooms and valuable collectibles are all items that will require special treatment during your move. Unfortunately, these types of items are often the first to break when a person attempts to pack and move them themselves. However, a professional mover will know exactly how to move them in a way that decreases the chance of breakage.

As you plan your move, it is important to remember that help is always just a phone call away. While friends and family members may offer their assistance, it is important to remember that they can often be unreliable or unable to safely transport your belongings. By taking your time and utilizing professional help, you can make your next move an enjoyable experience.

Myths About Moving Companies

Common Myths About Moving Companies

If you are planning on moving, then it is best for you to hire Gainesville moving professionals. The moving process will go a lot more smoothly if you hire a professional. Gainesville movers also make the move a lot less stressful. Furthermore, hiring professional can help you save money.

There are a lot of myths today about moving companies, which stops many people from hiring a professional. Below is a list of some of the myths about moving companies.

Myth: My Belongings Will Be Damaged

Fact: Many people have hired an unqualified moving company that damaged their belongings. However, if you hire a professional Gainesville moving company, then you will not have to worry about your belongings being damaged. A professional will transport all of your belongings with care.

Myth: Every Moving Company Is The Same

Fact: This is one of the most common misconceptions about moving companies. There are some people who have had a bad experience with a moving company, which is why they try to lump all moving companies into the same category. Taking the time to research thoroughly and talking to your family members and friends will help you find the right moving company.

Myth: I Will Have To Ride In The Truck With The Moving Company

Fact: You do not have to ride in the moving truck. In fact, most companies would prefer that you not ride in the truck. They are supposed to transport your belongings only. Riding in the truck actually makes moving companies uncomfortable. It shows that you do not trust them.

Myth: All Movers Charge The Same Amount Of Money

Fact: The cost of moving can vary greatly, and it depends on the company you choose. Keep in mind that the cheapest moving company is not necessarily the best one to choose. Many companies charge a low price because the quality of the service is not good.