Why It’s Better To Move In The Spring

Marked by its warm weather and blooming flowers, spring arrives each year as a welcome reprieve from the frigid winter months. Moreover, spring represents change and renewal, so it only makes sense that spring is the best time to move! While some people believe summer is the ideal season to move, there are many advantages to moving in the springtime no other season can compete with. Below, our dependable Gainesville movers outline four reasons it’s better to move in spring.

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Perfect Moving Weather

In Florida, summer weather is sweltering, and fatigue can set on quickly. In the winter, temperatures are freezing and uncomfortable. Spring is a perfect middle ground between summer and winter when the weather is not too hot and not too cold. On average, spring tends to be more temperate than other seasons. So long as you keep an eye on the forecast to avoid spring showers, spring’s temperate weather will afford you a comfortable and convenient move.

Easier To Move With Kids

If you have children, you may think the ideal time to move is during summer break. After all, your kids are free to help throughout the moving process in the summer. Nevertheless, it may be easier to expedite a move when your children are still in school. As long as your kids are at school during the day, you won’t need to supervise them and can focus your attention on preparing for the move. Plus, your kids would probably prefer not to have their summer vacation infringed upon by your move. Of course, you can always schedule your move during spring break if you’re set on having your kids help out.

Cheaper Moving Costs

Summer is often the busiest time for moving companies. Accordingly, summer has the steepest moving costs of any other season. However, movers will enjoy more availability from local moving companies and significantly lower prices in springtime. By scheduling your move in spring, you’ll enjoy more flexibility and affordability from your local moving company.

Ideal Season To Sell A Home

If you plan on selling your home around the same time as your move, then there’s no better season than spring. The real estate market is remarkably competitive during the spring, making it easier to sell your home. Moreover, properties listed in the springtime often sell for higher prices than those sold during other times. If you’re looking to sell your home fast at a reasonable price, spring is the perfect season.