What You Need to Know About Moving Insurance

The Truth About Moving Insurance

There are many costs that are associated with moving and they all start adding up; maybe you want to cut down the cost by removing certain expenses. Sometimes, you may not even know which services are worth keeping. Moving insurance may seem like an add on that may not be worth it. However, even the best Gainesville moving company can make mistakes. Here is some information that might help you make this decision.

Important Details Regarding Moving Insurance

One important factor to be aware of is that moving insurance is offered by a third-party and not necessarily by your Gainesville moving company. Your moving company may be partnered with an insurance business who can assist you, but you may choose someone else in order to compare prices.
There are different levels of moving insurance: full replacement value protection and released value. Full valuation provides compensation for the total cost of the item that was damaged, but it costs more money. Released value insurance is coverage that is based on the weight of the items rather than the cost of replacement.

It is necessary to know that after all of your belongings are in your house, you should examine your possessions for damages. If there are any, you must report them immediately. You have up to nine months to file your claim, but the sooner you report it, the more likely you will be to receive compensation. In fact, if you are able to report harmed items on your receipt that you give back to them, you will have a stronger case.

Benefits of Having Moving Insurance

Depending on the form of insurance that you choose, you may receive the full value of any lost or damaged items. This is helpful not only because you will be compensated, but also because otherwise you would have to spend even more money on replacing your items along with the regular cost of moving in Florida.

No matter how much you trust your Gainesville movers, you might still have anxiety over the thought of your items becoming destroyed. Insurance may help to put your mind at ease. You can rest easy knowing that you will receive some form of compensation if your possessions become damaged.

Drawbacks of Insurance

Another downside to insurance is that insurance can be extremely expensive service. Especially if you decide on the full value insurance, you may end up spending exponentially more money. During the moving process, you may want to save money so you may need to count the cost of buying insurance.

While it is always beneficial to prepare for the worst, the worst may not happen. There is a chance that none of your items will be harmed during the moving process and you have spent unnecessary extra money during an already expensive process.

Mover Profile: Austin

Name: Austin

What is your favorite part about working for UF Mover Guys?

My favorite part about working for UF Mover Guys is the schedule.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy playing guitar, lifting, and going to the beach.

What brought you to Gainesville?

I came to Gainesville to start a new life.

If you could move any celebrity, who would it be and why?

If I could move any celebrity, I would move Kevin Hart. He’s hilarious.

What is your favorite moving story?

My favorite moving story is when we moved a couple to St. Pete. After the move they let us take a shower in their outdoor shower and gave us some refreshments.

Mover Profile: Tim

Name: Tim

What is your favorite part about working for UF Mover Guys?

My favorite part of moving is that it allows me to stay active and not be stuck inside.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy playing basketball and playing video games in my spare time.

What brought you to Gainesville?

I came to Gainesville for school and for the opportunities the city has to offer.

If you could move any celebrity, who would it be and why?

If I could move any celebrity, I would move Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is my favorite wrestler of all time and a great role model.

What is your favorite moving story?

My favorite moving story is probably the day it started snowing in Florida. It was a super chill move with 6 people and 3 trucks full. I had been to Alabama, Utah, Michigan and Vermont, and hadn’t seen snow fall until that day.

Five Things to Find When Moving to a New Place

Moving to a new place is both exciting and stressful for the same reason: you do not know where everything is yet. This means there is a whole new city for you to explore! At the same time, it means that when you need something, you may not know where to find it. Gainesville movers have helped you with the hard part; now It is important to take the time to locate different places that will meet your various needs before you move there.

1. DMV

Everyone knows it takes forever to stand in line for assistance at the DMV, but it is necessary. If you are moving to another state, you will need to get a new driver’s license and license plate. While it may not be the most exciting adventure, it is better to get it over with.

2. New Health Services

Emergencies can happen at any time, so it is important to find the different businesses you might need. This includes the nearest hospital, a dentist and a general doctor. Hopefully, you can find great service close to your home. It might help to ask for recommendations from other people if you know anyone in this new city yet.

3. Stores You’ll Visit Weekly

You will need to go to these places very frequently so it is crucial that you find them quickly. This list may consist of grocery stores, drug stores, or any other place you go often. Learn the quickest routes and shortcuts in order to make these trips as convenient as possible.

4. Different Social Scenes

When you know everyone in a small town like Gainesville moving to a new city can be somewhat isolating. You have left all of your friends behind and you may not know anyone else yet. Most likely, your mind has also been consumed with the stress from the move. Take some time to look for different social groups to join. Consider your interests and then look online for options. Perhaps you want to go to a regular trivia night, or maybe you want to take pottery classes. Whatever you choose, take advantage of the time and try to meet people who share similar interests.

5. Local Restaurants

Now that your Gainesville moving company has helped you move everything into your new home, leave the stress behind. Spend time eating at places you have never heard of; who knows what new favorite place you might discover? Perhaps even ride your bike or walk to really enjoy the atmosphere. Fall in love with your new home and establish regular eateries.