Best Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

Moving can be a challenge. Whether you are moving to another part of town or the other side of the country, moving is a major event, no matter what your age. There are, however, steps that you can take to make the process easier. By following a few tips, you can make your move as a Senior citizen as simple as possible.

Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

Get a Quote

When you have identified a Gainesville moving company to handle your move, get a quote up front to give you an idea of the total cost. If you will need storage services at your new destination or packing assistance at your old home, ask your movers to include that in your quote. Review the details and make sure you are clear on deposits and payments.

Start Early

Most people have no idea how much stuff they have until they start packing. A few weeks before you intend to move, pack away any items that you will not be using before the move. Start with seasonal gear such as skis, golf clubs, patio accessories and bikes. You can also pack out of season clothing and basement items. As the moving day approaches, gradually pack everything until there is nothing left to pack on the day of the move. There are Gainesville moving companies that also offer packing services to make the move easier.

Create an Overlap

If you can move into your new home before moving out of the old one, you will have greater flexibility during your move. Start cleaning and organizing the new house before your moving day, so that everything will be set up when you get there. Allowing for overlap during your move will make the entire process less stressful.

Survey the New Home

One of the most overlooked details during moving is the size of the new home versus the size of the old one. If you are moving from a house into an apartment, space may be a real concern. Measure the doorways in your new home to make sure your furniture can fit. Measure the windows to make sure you can use your old window coverings. Take measurements for the appliances as well. You don’t want to get your prized furniture to your new home only to discover your couch can’t fit through the front door.

Create an Organizing System

If you are doing your own packing, label each box with a sticker that corresponds to a room of your home. Add a blue sticker to the kitchen box, for example, and a green sticker for the bathroom items. Take extra stickers and apply them to the doorways of each room in the new house. This way your movers can simply put the boxes in their respective rooms by following your color scheme.

Create a Moving Day Box

Designate one box that will be for items that you will need immediately. This box should include toiletries, medications, sheets and towels. Keep this box in a separate area of the house, away from the main moving area, or store it in your car. This way you will have adequate supplies at your new home without having to open all of the boxes.

Have a Yard Sale

You may have lived in your home for many years and accumulated quite a bit of belongings. If there are possessions that you can bear to part with, host a yard sale to get rid of a few things. This is especially important if you are moving from a large home to a smaller one.

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How to Pack Wine and Liquor

If you have an admirable collection of liquor or wine, it’s a bit silly to imagine trying to transport it all in the back seat of your vehicle, right? Due to the glass packaging of most alcoholic beverages, they are difficult to transport and are very susceptible to breaking and handling fluctuating temperatures poorly during a move. This is why a bit of extra gentle handling is required for these types of items.

Wine Bottles to Pack

Packing Your Wine and Liquor Before Your Move

Taking Inventory

Certain types of liquors and wines should be stored at various temperatures, and this is why it’s wise to develop a game plan ahead of the move. White wines should be transported in cooler temperatures, such as in a portable cooler, while reds should stay in the general area of 55 degrees. A Gainesville moving company, like UF Mover Guys, that provides temperature-controlled vehicles is your best bet for the red varieties.

When wine increases in temperature and becomes hot, it ages much more quickly and runs the risk of becoming flat. Exceptionally low temperatures can easily dry out the bottle’s cork, making it easy for oxygen to seep in. Dry ice is used commonly by movers that have wine collections.

Once you’re ready to begin taking inventory of your alcohol collection, start making a note of liquids that can be packed together. This can give you a better idea of the number of boxes you’ll likely need.

Arranging Packing Materials

One of the best ways to gather packing supplies for these types of items is to check with local bars, liquor stores, nightclubs, and lounges for spare liquor and wine boxes. These types of materials are designed to transport liquor and wine by use of dividers, and they tend to be extremely sturdy. If you must use basic packing boxes, they must be heavy duty. Consider either buying/renting durable plastic containers or checking with local offices for copy paper packing boxes.

It’s advisable to wrap liquor bottles in sturdy cloth. Anything, ranging from towels to t-shirts, can be used. Wine can be packed this way too, but it’s a good idea to remember that in the event of an unfortunate glass bust, the cloth wrapping the bottle will likely be ruined. For wine, you should always leave bubble wrap and shredded paper for ideal packing materials.

Packing Your Alcohol

If you have to use traditional cardboard boxes for transporting your wine or liquor, be sure to affix a layer of tape to the bottom of the box for added support. Liquor and wine boxes won’t require this step due to their sturdiness. Consider layer a towel or shredded paper along the bottom of the box to cushion the contents. You might also want to individually wrap each bottle either with a thin cloth or paper to prevent label scratching. Place the liquor/wine into the box, and use extra towels or rags to fill the empty space around them.

Wine box for moving

Unpacking Your Alcohol

One of the first things you should steer clear of once you arrive in your new home is opening a bottle of wine for enjoyment. Liquor will be okay to open directly after the move, but wine will likely respond poorly to the drastic temperature changes. It’s a good rule of thumb to allow time for the wine to settle for 2-3 weeks before opening it. Once wine has been removed from its packaging, set it on its side again immediately. It’s very important that wine always touches its cork. If the cork dries out from standing upright for too long, oxygen will eventually seep in and ruin the beverage.

Moving Antiques And Extra Large Items

Can you imagine moving without even lifting a finger? It may be hard to imagine such a scenario, but with the right Gainesville moving company, it is very much possible.

UF Mover Guys knows how to make a move go as quickly and smoothly for you.
UF Mover Guys knows how to make a move go as quickly and smoothly for you.

Who would not enjoy moving when all the planning is already done for you? There is no need for you to worry about collecting boxes for packing. You don’t even have to think about how the unpacking will be done once your belongings reach the destination. Not only will you find all your belongings in place, but even the electrical appliances will be plugged in and ready to use. Let this be the ultimate moving experience you have always wished for, which lets you be the in-charge but does not require you to do a thing.


Moving Antique Pieces


You can make use of our made-to-order crates and climate-controlled storage spaces to keep your belongings in mint condition. Our expertise in helping people move gives them the peace of mind that even the most valuable and delicate of their stuff will arrive safely at the promised time, and here is how we do it:

  • We detail and photograph each of your vintage pieces before packing them securely.
  • Our crates are made according to the dimensions of every item in order to safeguard them from any damage.
  • Completely secure personalized storage spaces are available for keeping the antiques safe in a temperature and moisture controlled environment.
  • Our skilled movers are also equipped to arrange and carry huge items like pianofortes.


Transporting the wine bottles from your collection

Moving Wine in Florida

We consider our company like fine, aged wine. As we grow in experience, so does the quality of our work. When it comes to transferring your carefully picked wine collection from one location to another, we know exactly the way it should be done. Our knowledgeable staff will take every step possible to ensure that your prized collection of excellent wines is relocated just how you want it. This is why our range of services includes features like especially crafted crates and refrigeration for the entire course of transportation.


  • Just like with every item we pack and move, our company’s expert workers will take down details of all wine bottles in your collection and take pictures of them as well.
  • We can also provide you exclusive moving trucks that keep your wines under optimum temperatures during the entire moving process.
  • If need be, you can keep your wine collection in our specially designed storage facility with temperature controls.
  • We go to painstaking lengths in order to ensure safe transfer and unpacking of your wine collection at your new address.


Transporting Pianos


With years of skill and professional experience under our belt, we are proud to say that our Gainesville movers and packers are the best when it comes to moving pianos from one place to another. We understand the value of this beloved possession of yours and will take extra care to bring it to your new home safely.


  • Our dedicated team of experts is fully trained to dismantle, move and reassemble pianos, no matter what type. Whether you own a grand piano, an upright, a parlor or a baby grand.
  • We understand the fine art of handling pianos and taking good care of them, so you can be assured that your musical instruments are in safe hands.
  • With the use of state-of-the-art machinery and reliable workforce, we also offer to hoist extra large objects through windows, whenever required. We can also get it in touch with an expert to make your piano ready to play right before you arrive.
  • If and when needed, you can also choose make use of our temperature-regulated storage compartments.