Mover Profile: Prue

Meet a Member of UF Mover Guys

Name: Prue

What is your favorite part about working for UF Mover Guys?

The people I get to work with are great. The owners /operators take good care of us.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Working on my dad-bod, hanging out with family and friends, matching MMA fights, boxing, wrestling and Jujitsu.

What brought you to Gainesville?

My sister went to college here. Momma moved the whole family.

If you could move any celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would move Derek Jeter, because it’s Derek-freaking-Jeter.

What is your favorite moving story?

We moved a customer from Savannah, Georgia, to Gainesville and I became great friends with him.

How to Move Items from Your Garage & Shed

Moving Tips: How To Pack Up Your Garage & Shed

A garage or shed is a convenient place to store dangerous or messy items, but it is often the most difficult room to tackle when packing for a move. Typically, these rooms are filled with objects that are heavy, mechanical, oddly shaped, sharp, or filled with combustible or toxic fluids. The sort of items should be handled delicately and with special care. Sometimes the services of dependable Gainesville movers are needed to handle the job properly.

How to Pack Tools & Machinery

The first recommended step is taking a basic inventory. Take note of items that can not or should not be transported or shipped. This includes gasoline, paint thinner, pesticides, charcoal, fertilizer, motor oil, and other messy or hazardous materials. Discard these items before packing or calling your Gainesville moving company.

It may also be helpful to take stock of objects that need to be disassembled. Power tools, for example, often come with attachments that should be packed separately. Any oil or gasoline within them should also be drained to prevent leakage. Being mindful of removable parts will reduce the risk of damage during transport.

Another benefit to disassembling items is convenience. Bicycles, for example, are large and difficult to move when fully assembled. By taking such items apart, they can be stored in smaller containers and easily fit with the rest of your packed belongings.

Many items in your garage or shed my have blades or sharp edges. If improperly packed, these can tear through boxes or damage other items. It is also a safety hazard when handling. Be sure to carefully wrap them with soft material such as old towels or rags.

Moving Items from Garage/Shed Storage

Some of your most fragile belongings may be found in the garage. This includes things like old toys, pottery, glassware and holiday decorations. Be very liberal with cushioning material when packing these items. Materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and tissue paper will prevent delicate items from breaking. A common rule of thumb is to take the worst case scenario and plan accordingly. If your box and its contents can survive a fall down the stairs, it is safely packed.

Items that are sensitive to dust and moisture, such as electronics, should be sealed and protected from the elements. Polyurethane bags, or “poly bags”, are a cheap and effective solution.

Of course, the best tip for packing your garage for Gainesville moving is to leave it in the hands of professionals. Our movers specialize in carefully handling dangerous and fragile materials. To ensure that your belongings safely arrive to their destination, with nothing left to chance, give our company a call.

Mover Profile: Kenny

Meet a Member of UF Mover Guys

Name: Kenny, a.k.a. “The Old Man”

What is your favorite part about working for UF Mover Guys?

My favorite part about the company is my coworkers. It’s a different adventure with each individual.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like helping my friends and family with car issues.

What brought you to Gainesville?

I have lived in Gainesville for almost my whole life. Born and raised right here.

If you could move any celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would move Johnny Knoxville. His humor is so out there, I believe it would be a non-stop laugh episode.

What is your favorite moving story?

My favorite move was when we got to help Willie Jackson load equipment from the University of Florida and deliver it to his school’s athletic department in Jacksonville.

Weird But Useful Packing Tips for Moving

Lifehacks for Packing You Never Knew Existed

There is no denying that moving can be stressful, especially if you have a large number of items to pack. While our Gainesville moving company can always help you pack your items safely, there are certain items that you may want to pack yourself. Even though packing up your entire home can feel like a big job, there are several weird but useful tricks of the trade that can make packing easier.

Be Creative When it Comes to Packing Delicate Items

Part of the frustration with packing is that packing materials can be expensive and you’ll most likely be tossing the materials once your move is complete. Instead of pouring money down the drain, get creative when it comes to protecting your fragile items. Socks make great packing materials for fragile glasses and stemware. Sheets can be wrapped around your furniture to prevent nicks and scratches, and can be used to pack around plates, vases and any decorative items that could break in transit. This is also a great way to cut down on the amount of moving supplies you’ll need and saves bubble wrap.

Get Colorful

Everyone knows that labeling your boxes will make unpacking a little bit easier. However, adding a splash of color can also make the unpacking process go much smoother. By color coding your boxes, your Gainesville movers will know exactly where to take your boxes when they unload them from the truck. This way, you won’t have to searching through all of your boxes to find your work clothing or a set of dishes to use as you unpack.

Use Sandwich Bags for Your Small Items

Taking apart large pieces of furniture can make moving houses a little bit easier. However, there’s also a chance that you can lose the hardware that you need to put your furniture back together again. To avoid this, putting your screws and nails in zip-lock bags can help you keep all of your pieces together. For extra security, you can tape your hardware baggies directly to a piece of the furniture or use a permanent marker to write on the baggie itself.

Plastic Bins Make Day-to-Day Life Easier

When it comes to moving, there is no set method that Gainesville moving companies require. Although boxes are usually preferred, you can use clear plastic bins to help you move the stuff that you’ll need right away. Using clear bins allow you to see what’s inside, so finding things like trash bags, power strips, phone chargers and even toilet paper will be a breeze. This way, you’ll have all the items that you need to make your first night in your new home as comfortable as possible.