Steps For Transitioning From Your Parents’ House to a Dorm Room


Steps For Transitioning From Your Parents’ House to a Dorm Room

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Making the leap from your parents’ home to a dorm room is one of life’s greatest steps. In the span of twenty four hours, your world will experience dramatic changes. College move-in day is sure to be one of the biggest days of your life. You spend years planning and preparing for college and the whole experience begins on day one. Moving, in general, is stressful. Imagine moving all of your belongings into a small dorm room with thousands others doing the same. Needless to say, the process can get hectic. The best advice is to be as prepared as possible; both physically and emotionally. The following are a few things to consider, well before move-in day arrives.

The Actual Move

In the months leading up to your move, do the research on your room and your school’s moving procedures. Each school approaches move-in differently; make it your job to know the details of how the day will unfold. Decide exactly what you need in your room and be sure all the furniture you are taking will fit comfortably. Rooms vary in size, but few are spacious. Talk with your family. If you are traveling a long distance, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional company to do the heavy lifting for you.

Laundry Time

Living on your own has its fair share of benefits; being responsible for your own laundry isn’t one of them. Gone are the days of mom or dad diligently piling through your laundry, it’s all up to you now. You’ll have ample opportunity to practice your patience while waiting on others in the communal laundry area. Welcome to dorm living!

Meal Time

Many students who live in dorms also enjoy the benefits of a meal plan. Chances are likely that some, maybe even most, of your meals will be provided by an on campus cafeteria but even the most disciplined students need to break the monotony every once in a while. Many schools offer rooms with micro-refrigerators to keep a small supply of food in your room. And of course, you’ll need to eat out at times. Eating at restaurants daily can add up quickly so be mindful of how much you are spending on food.

Shower Time

One of the most shocking changes you’ll experience is your new shower situation. Gone are the days of 30 minute showers or baths in your private bathroom at home. Bathroom sharing is difficult to get accustomed to; many just suffer through it and pray for better days ahead. Even the cleanest of dorm bathrooms don’t compare to home, so keep your expectations low. Also, be sure to purchase a comfortable pair of shower shoes, as well as a “caddy” to hold your bathing necessities.
Jumping from your parents’ nest into a dorm room is your first step toward real independence. It’s an amazing step but not the easiest you will take. Spending the summer in preparation will help your journey run smoothly, or at least as smoothly as possible.