Moving? Boost Your Energy With These Tips

Happy Family Moving

Moving can quickly zap anyone’s drive, but there are few extra steps you can take to maximize your energy and even find new sources of motivation when your reserves are running low. Don’t struggle through another minute of moving without checking out these energy-boosting tips from UF Mover Guys. And if you need a little extra help, request a free quote from our Gainesville moving company!

Get Enough Sleep

You can’t maintain energy levels if you aren’t providing your body with enough sleep to begin with. But, we know, sleeping regular hours during a move can be difficult. You might be stressed or overwhelmed by everything you have to do, or you might be physically over-exhausted. Either way, it’s not uncommon to be stuck counting sheep during a life change as significant as moving. Still, getting proper amounts of quality sleep will help keep stress in check and better prepare your body to cope with all of the extra work. If you’re finding it difficult to sleep during a move, try meditating 15-minutes before sleep. You can also take natural sleep aids, such as melatonin and chamomile, to ease you into a restful slumber.

Nourish Your Body

In addition to getting enough sleep, your body requires nutrients and hydration to meet the extra demand. Even though you might be busy, it’s important not to skip meals. Make mealtime a moment to relax and regroup. Also, avoid heavy or fatty meals that will weigh you down and cause bloating. Instead, enjoy lighter meals that are packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep you feeling your best. It’s also important to drink plenty of water. Hydration is vital for maintaining high energy levels under normal circumstances, and it’s crucial during increased physical activity such as moving.

Avoid Alcohol And Excess Caffeine

When it comes to drinking during a move, stick with water. When your energy dips in the afternoon, it may be tempting to brew another cup of coffee or make a quick trip to your favorite café. Still, caffeine can actually have the opposite effect of what you’re intending. Drinking too much caffeine, whether from energy drinks or coffee, can dehydrate you and send your energy levels plummeting fast after that initial jolt of stamina. And while indulging in a cold beer or two might make the monotony of packing or unpacking seem more bearable, alcohol also dehydrates you, slows you down, and negatively affects your quality of sleep, producing an avoidable cycle of sleepiness. Save the celebratory drinks for when the move’s over!

Get The Music Going

Whether it’s funk, pop, classic rock, hip hop, country, or electronic, play some music that really gets you going. Not only will it provide a tempo to match your work to, but it can also make a dull experience more enjoyable. Play moving karaoke while you pack the dishes, and you might be surprised to find that you’re having fun. Who knows, the next song that comes on could be your second wind to unpack those last few boxes.

Take Breaks With Purpose

When you’ve been lugging around boxes and furniture all morning, you probably want to do nothing but stare at your phone during a break. However, this can be counterproductive because once you stop moving, it can actually take a whole lot more energy just to get the ball rolling again. Instead of checking out during a break, try doing something that allows you to break away from moving but still keeps you active. Take the dog for a walk, head to the store for more packing tape, or cool off with a nice shower. If you absolutely must have a break where you’re doing nothing, limit the time to 5 or 10 minutes.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It’s understandable to want to do it all yourself, but you’re just one person. Even if you’re moving with family members, a significant other, or a friend, moving is a lot of work, especially when you’re not used to it. Seeking out the services of professional movers can make all the difference between burning out or enjoying setting up your new home. Many moving companies can even help with junk removal so you have fewer things to move.