Choosing a Storage Facility

When moving, you may want to store some items. If downsizing from a large home to a smaller house or an apartment, try to save as much space as possible. Storage is a great option in these cases. Make sure to spend some time looking at the various self-storage options in your area to see what they offer. When comparing the facilities, keep all of the following in mind.



Where is the facility located? How far from your home is it? If you need items from the unit, you do not want to drive an hour to reach it. Choose a facility that is within an easy drive. Regarding the location, consider the quality of the neighborhood too. Do not put your belongings in a facility located in a bad area. They might have plenty of security on-site, but getting onto the site and into your unit might be dangerous. Even if the unit is cheap, consider the safety level.


Options and Sizes

What size units does the facility offer? Some of the most popular sizes include 5’x5’, 5’x10’, and 10’x20’. Some self-storage companies may have other options. You need to know how much space you require before choosing a unit. The storage company can guide you to the right size unit if you need help. Look at all the options and features the company offers.


Climate Control

Humidity can be a big problem, particularly in Florida. The weather can cause damage to many types of items. This is true even when they are in a storage unit. High humidity could warp wood and destroy a precious comic book collection. Cold temperatures can damage items as well. When looking for a unit and narrowing your choices, eliminate those that do not offer climate control.



Does the facility have insurance? Some facilities may have insurance that covers all of your items. In other cases, you may need to buy additional self-storage insurance. Always ask about their insurance policy to see what it covers. Some will cover flood and fire only. Others may also cover theft.



All storage facilities say they are safe. Look at the types of safety features and precautions the facility actually offers though. Do they have cameras? Do they have an onsite security guard? Ask about the types of locks used with the units. Some companies no longer use padlocks because they are too easy to cut. Consider this when choosing your facility.


The Cost

How much does the storage unit cost? Ultra cheap units may have issues in other areas, so you cannot merely choose based on the price. Look at the amount you need to pay for the unit and compare it with all of the preceding factors too. Knowing your items are safe is integral in choosing a unit. Even if you might need to pay a bit more for the unit, it is worth the cost.


Take time to examine the various facilities in your community and choose one that’s perfect for your needs.