How To Get Rid Of Old Furniture

Moving is an exciting endeavor, full of potential possibilities, including opportunities to meet new people, find new work, and (perhaps the most exciting part of all) buy new furniture to decorate your latest home. However, before you start looking for new couches, tables, loveseats, and more — you should decide how to get rid of your old furniture. The last thing you want is to go through the hassle of moving your old furniture just to discard it at your new place, so the sooner you can get started purging your old stuff, the better. Below, the experienced Florida movers with UF Mover Guys share four easy ways to get rid of old furniture before your big move.

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Sell It

Moving can be costly, so why not try to turn a profit by selling your old furniture? Whether by hosting a garage sale or posting your items on an online marketplace, such as Craigslist or OfferUp, selling old belongings is a great way to help mitigate moving expenses. Just be sure to price your furniture fairly. Trying to charge too much for an old couch can drive customers away and cause items not to sell. Research local used furniture prices beforehand to ensure your items are reasonably priced and guarantee they sell.

Donate It

Don’t feel like going through the hassle of trying to sell your unwanted furniture? Try donating them! If your furniture isn’t beyond repair, there are a plethora of great non-profit organizations that would happily take your unwanted belongings — some even offer to pick up large furniture from your home. Taking your furniture to Goodwill, The United Way, or even a local church is an easy way to get rid of furniture and do a good deed. Just don’t forget to request a receipt so you can claim the donation on your taxes.

Gift It

Have a friend who could use a better couch or mattress? Gift them yours! Odds are everyone has at least a few family members or friends who would be happy to take some of their old furniture before moving. Try sending out some text messages, or even a mass email, with pictures attached to friends and family offering them your unwanted furniture. Offering furniture to people you know can be one of the quickest ways to get rid of unwanted items. Plus, some may offer to pay you a little bit for your items.

Let Us Take Care Of It

We at UF Mover Guys offer convenient removal services to help get rid of any unwanted items before you move. Our movers make getting rid of unwanted furniture as stress-free and straightforward as possible. We work around your schedule, handle all logistics, and dispose of your items responsibly. Couches, mattresses, TVs, appliances, even scrap and waste you’ve accumulated in the process of preparing to move — we’ll take care of it all. Contact our moving company today to learn more about our residential moving services or request a free moving quote!