4 Tips For Moving Out In A Hurry

Here’s How To Move Out On Short Notice

While some activities are fun to do in a hurry, moving isn’t usually one of them. When preparing for a move, your planning and packing often start months in advance. That way, when the big day comes, things go smoothly. However, you never know when an unexpected event — a job promotion, natural disaster, family emergency — will force you to move with little-to-no notice. If this happens, the trick is not to panic; instead, stay calm and do these four steps.

1. Create A Timeline

Even if the timeframe until your move consists of days or even hours, it’s important to make a schedule for preparations. This’ll let you have an idea of how much you can accomplish. A well thought out list also will keep you from forgetting important tasks. As you complete each task, cross it off your list. Acknowledging your progress provides much-needed reassurance. Meanwhile, if you need advice on how to prepare for a move, UF Mover guys, perhaps more than any other movers in Gainesville, FL, is willing to dish out advice to our customers.

2. Use Packing Materials You Own Already

One of the first steps involved with packing is usually a trip to the supplies store for tape and boxes. But when you have limited time, you may need to skip this step. Instead, begin packing with the materials you already have.

Fill your plastic tubs and luggage and use garbage bags to bundle clothing still on the hangers. Instead of purchasing packing peanuts, use towels, linens, and socks to protect fragile items in transit. (This also saves you time on packing your wardrobe!) Once you’re in a rhythm, head to the store for extra cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap and anything else you’ll need to finish the job.

3. Pack Up The Essentials First

Situations involving abusive households and natural disasters may prevent you from any type of formal moving process. Remember that your safety is the most important in this scenario and even your most beloved possessions are not worth dying for. If you do have a bit of time, focus on items that are difficult or impossible to replace.

  • Wallet
  • Important paperwork (birth certificates, insurance policies, social security card, medical records, vehicle registration, passport)
  • Medications
  • Family photographs & sentimental heirlooms
  • Cell phone & charger
  • Major electronics (laptops)
  • Minimal clothing

4. Hire A Fast & Reliable Moving Company

Once you know your move-out date, contact UF Mover Guys, a moving company Gainesville, FL, residents trust. Professional movers have plenty of experience moving and will be able to load and unload your truck much faster than you will. In many cases, we’re available for last-minute moves, and our help can make all the difference!