Your Guide to Moving With a Pet

Help Your Pet Adjust to Your Move in Florida

Regardless of how much planning goes into your Gainesville moving process, this time can still be stressful. But during this hectic period, consider how frightening this situation must be for pets. They do not understand what is happening and their environment is quickly shifting around them. Here are a few ways you can help the transition occur a bit more smoothly.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Gainesville Vet

Before you begin your Florida moving process, meet with your local veterinarian. If you are flying to your new location, you will need to provide the airline with a health certification verifying they have been examined within the past 10 days. At this time, you will want to inform your vet that you are moving and ask for records of prescriptions and other medical forms that you can bring with you to your new vet’s office.

Crates Will Simplify the Moving Process

During the move itself, your goal should be to help your pets remain as calm as possible. Keep your pets in kennels or carriers to keep them safe while the movers Gainesville, Florida residents recommended are loading and unloading the moving truck. In order to help them feel secure in their crate, leave it open in your house for about a week with a couple of their favorite toys so they have time to adjust to it. While you are actually moving, attempt to maintain their daily routine as much as possible. Keep a bag with necessities such as water, food, a leash and grooming supplies. Make sure they are well fed and hydrated throughout the day and allow your pets to stretch their legs when you have downtime.

Help Pets Acclimate to New Surroundings

Once you arrive, leave your dog or cat in their crate. Even though you might be tempted to let them explore their new home, this sudden change might be too overwhelming. Instead, try to set up the major pieces of furniture in at least one room before you bring in your pet. Then, allow them to adjust to its new surroundings before you open up the rest of the house.

How to Assist Various Types of Pets

If you have a bird, be sure to transfer them in a cage. Even if they typically spend time outside of their cage, they may have difficulty behaving again until they adjust. If you have fish, you will want to take extra precautions to keep the bags stable. However, if you are moving a long distance, even with one of the best Florida moving companies, the journey may be too dangerous and it would be better to leave your fish with friends and buy new fish once you arrive.