How To Pack Electronics When Moving

Enable Tracking

Most newer models of smartphones offer user’s the ability to track their devices. This feature allows people to find their phones in the event that they are lost or stolen.

Setting up tracking is easy. Simply open your phone’s tracking app and allow it access to your location. Now, your phone will appear as a tiny dot on a map of your surroundings. In the event that your phone is missing from your moving boxes and luggage, all you have to do is log into your phone’s Cloud account on your computer to see where it is at.

Remove Batteries

If possible, safely take out the batteries from all of your electronic devices and remotes. This prevents your battery’s from potentially overheating or leaking during your move.

We recommend that you keep all of your removed batteries in a central, safe location, such as a plastic ziplock bag. This way, you will not misplace or lose any of them.

Back-Up Important Information

Although it is never pleasant to think about, it is wise to be prepared in the unfortunate event that your device becomes damaged during travel.

Before moving, upload all of your photos, documents, and necessary information onto an external USB flash drive or the Cloud. In doing so, you preserve all of your data.

Label Wires

Wires for electronic devices often look similar. When jumbled together in a single box, they can become especially confusing to decipher.

It is best practice to accurately and diligently label all of your wires, cords, and chargers. Use a sticker to wrap for your cables. On this sticker, legibly write the name of the devices the cable connects, or the item the cord powers.

Next, gently coil your cable and use a rubber band or zip-tie to secure the coils. This prevents the coils from coming loose and tangling together. Then, place each wrapped cable into a plastic bag that corresponds with the cord’s purpose. For instance, you might have a designated bag for audio cables, or a similar bag specifically for video cables.

This labeling process, while tedious, allows you to enjoy quicker and more convenient electronic set-up in your new residence.

Computer inside a cardboard box

Use Bubble Wrap

Unlike newspaper, bubble wrap will not accidentally transfer onto your screens or scratch your fragile devices. This factor, along with its affordable price and abundance, makes bubble wrap a prime candidate for all of your moving endeavors.

When packing your electronics in a cardboard box, we suggest that you use bubble wrap to cushion the top and bottom of your device. If you do not have access to bubble wrap, cloth towels serve as a good alternative.

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