Moving Tips For Florida’s Unpredictable Weather

Moving day is here! All of your belongings are packed up and ready to load onto the moving truck and haul to your destination. And despite your wishes for cool weather with plenty of sunshine, the weather forecast projects stormy weather. What should you do now? North Central Florida offers a wealth of benefits for residents, from a vibrant and growing economy to no state income tax. But living in Florida also comes with some drawbacks, namely unpredictable weather. Without the proper preparations, even the best-planned move can become thrown into turmoil. Here, our moving company in Florida, UF Mover Guys, offers helpful moving tips for Florida’s unpredictable weather.

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Check The Weather Report

One of the most important things you need to do when moving to or within the State of Florida is to check the weather report often. Follow weather predictions for your zip code and the zip code of your destination (if it differs from your original location) regularly in the weeks and days leading up to your moving day. 

Checking the weather projections isn’t a foolproof practice, but it is the best way to know how to pivot details of your move to account for various weather conditions. Fortunately, when you hire our Gainesville moving company, you can leave all the details and heavy lifting to our skilled moving team, rain or shine!

Weatherproof Your Belongings

Among the most significant concerns for moving on a day with rainy weather are water-logged furnishings and damaged belongings. To help prevent damage to your items, be sure to cover furniture with water-resistant or weatherproof coverings, like plastic wrap or moving blankets. If a big storm or heavy rainfall is projected, add a few extra layers of protection to your items.

If you’ve packed your belongings into sturdy, new cardboard boxes, they should hold up amidst the downpour so long as you tape them with high-quality packing tape and avoid letting them soak through. Our movers in Gainesville, FL, will swiftly transport your boxes from the moving truck to your indoor space to ensure the safety of their contents!

Have A Contingency Plan

When unexpected weather conditions are to be expected on your planned moving day, it’s always good practice to have a backup plan in place. If there is a hurricane or heavy storm on your move-out and move-in day, staying safe and avoiding moving until the weather clears up is best. While it’s inconvenient to have to reschedule your move, it’s always best to be safe.

Having a backup plan is particularly important during months of the year when unpredictable weather is most common, such as during summer and fall in North Central Florida. Don’t wait until you only have a single day to move out of your current place; pad your schedule with plenty of time to make adjustments, just in case an unexpected storm rolls through town.

Prepare Each Property

When it rains, slippery surfaces and water-soaked flooring can significantly threaten safety. Whether you’re moving on your own or you’ve hired a local moving company to take care of the heavy lifting for you, you’ll want to ensure there are no accidents throughout each stage of your move. Set out some non-skid, non-slip mats in the entryway of each property.

Keep an extra set or two on hand to replace one of the mats you set down in case they require replacement. Consider placing some temporary, water-resistant floor covers in place to protect surfaces from mud and water throughout each property. It might likewise be a good idea to have some towels on hand to wipe water away once you’re inside.

Hire Professional Local Movers

If you’re concerned about the safety of your items or yourself during your move, or if you’re unable to lift heavy items and need a helping hand, leave your move to our trusted Florida movers. UF Mover Guys offers a comprehensive range of moving services, from partial packing and full packing services to loading and unloading and moves of any size. Ready for a better moving experience? Contact us today to request a free estimate from our moving experts!