How to Pack Holiday Decorations

Moving Holiday Decorations

Often, holiday decorations are antiques or family heirlooms. When moving to a new location, individuals want to feel their holiday decorations are packed with the utmost care.

The best way to pack holiday decorations is to begin by sorting them according to size and type. In addition, sturdier packing boxes are best to ensure less damage. Choosing our Gainesville moving company can provide the right packing materials to guarantee holiday decorations are not damaged by handling or moving.

Search and Sort to Properly Pack Holiday Decorations

Our professional movers’ experience at Gainesville Moving assures customers that their holiday decorations will arrive safely at their new location. When it’s time to display them, these items are ready for use and in great condition.

Before packing holiday decorations, use the “search and sort method” to minimize the job of packing. Search and sort through holiday decorations that are no longer in useful condition or are broken beyond repair. These can be thrown away prior to the actual moving and packing. This is also a good time to pass on those family heirlooms or donate holiday decorations that you no longer use.

Packing Outdoor Lights and Decorations

When packing outdoor lights and decorations, be sure to wind wires carefully. One tip for wired lights is to save your empty paper towel rolls. Then, wind lights around these and slip them into a large sized plastic zip bag.

Reuse holiday gift tags to label light strings on the blank side of these tags. Tape the tag to the plastic bag to identify the contents. This can also be done with indoor light strings. For larger outdoor decorations, save courier “tubes” to use for storage of electrical displays.

More Tips for Moving Christmas Decorations

For moving Christmas decorations like Crèche figures, save clean Styrofoam egg cartons. Place one figure in each cup and top with cotton balls. Add a double sheet of folded newspaper over the top and seal with egg carton with tape.

Gainesville Moving Made Easy

The best sources of moving supplies to pack holiday decorations are Gainesville movers. Our moving consultants are experienced and have excellent knowledge of how to pack holiday decorations.