Tips For Packing Your Pantry

How To Pack A Pantry When You Move

Many people dread the thought of moving simply because they don’t want to deal with packing up their home. Yet, moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare of chaos, stress and tears. Take for example the task of packing up the pantry. If you follow a few simple tips, you’ll not only have the job done in record time but also ensure everything arrives at your new home safe and sound.

Packing Perishable Goods

You might think you can get away with packing a few perishable goods, but the unexpected happens even under the best of circumstances. Worse yet, the stench and mess of spoiled food will make your move more difficult for both you and your Gainesville movers. Instead, plan meals to use up any perishable goods in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry. If you’re unable to do this, rather than throw food away, offer it to family, friends and neighbors.

Re-Seal Open Food Items

Perhaps the biggest problems you’ll come across when attempting to pack up your pantry are opened boxes and products packaged in paper bags. After all, you don’t want to open a box to find out flour spilled everywhere. To avoid a mess, place open food items like cereal, flour and sugar in baggies or plastic grocery bags. Sealing the baggie or plastic bag with tape or plastic wrap is an added measure of security that’ll guarantee your pantry goodies remain intact through your travels.

Don’t Pack Too Many Cans Together

Canned goods are easy to pack and travel easily without fear that they’ll spill. Even so, canned goods can be troublesome when packed in bundles because of the weight. That said, spare your movers and yourself a strained back by spreading out your can goods. UF Mover Guys recommends placing a few cans in the bottom of all your kitchen boxes. It helps prevent the boxes from tipping over and they’ll be light enough to carry.

No one can deny there is a certain degree of chaos involved with any move. However, these tips can help ensure your pantry is packed up with ease. Remove all the stress of moving and give UF Mover Guys a call for quality moving.