Moving Made Easy


From cleaning to packing to loading and unloading, it suffices to say that moving is known to be challenging and stressful. That being said, organizing yourself and setting up small goals along the way will reduce the burden by miles. Making a checklist of everything that needs to be done and marking it off as you go can assist you immensely with organizing and setting up goals. Also, keep in mind that you should be removing items you don’t use or need anymore, so you’re not wasting time and space packing them. Having a garage sale in the weeks leading up to a move can help clear out some unneeded items as well as make you some extra money for future expenses. Another way to get rid of some items is to donate them to local drives and thrift shops. Doing this can benefit the local community and ease your moving experience simultaneously.

Some other things to consider doing weeks prior to your move are changing your address with your local post office, closing down bank accounts with local banks, having your utilities shut off right after moving, and draining gas and oil from any equipment you may own. On the day of your move be sure you’ve done all your laundry, emptied out your refrigerator and cleaned any dishes. All of these small things that need to be done will take up a great deal of your time if left for the day of your move. You want to make sure you’re as free as possible the day of your move to address any problems that may arise. To reduce costs of movers, ensure you are fully packed in time for their arrival, as you are paying them for their time there. Another thing to keep in mind are the limitations set in place by hiring movers. There are several items that movers cannot move like aerosol cans, hazardous material, and anything flammable. You may also want to make sure to leave plenty of time for the move to occur to account for any possible weather delays. 

Remaining organized and planning ahead is without a doubt the best way to make the moving process run as smoothly as possible. Be sure to keep all these tips in mind and enjoy your new home!