Moving with your Pets

move dog

Pets are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Given that animals do not comprehend that a move is about occur, the process of moving is very much confusing and emotionally tolling on an animal.  While you are not able to verbally communicate to your animal the change that is about to occur, there are a few things you can do to indicate to your pet that the new environment they are entering is safe and comfortable for them. Try and be on the look out for areas where you know your dog can play and be walked easily. For cats, try to consider a place with a lot of vertical space as cats enjoy climbing and exploring higher grounds.

On the day of your move, ensure you have one room that’s designated for your pet. This room will ensure your pet is safe and away from all the chaos that comes with moving. If designating one room to your pets becomes too difficult maybe consider having your pets stay at a friend or family members home. You may also want to think about how you will prepare your pet for the drive if they are not used to being in a car and you have a long trip ahead. Creating a smaller more familiar environment within the car, like a crate, may prove to be less overwhelming for your pet. Placing things like treats, food, and a warm familiar blanket in the crate will help your pet feel more at home.

Upon arriving at your new home, try to give your pet some time to adjust by just placing their food, water, bed, and toys into one room and slowly introducing them to other rooms. Taking your pet on a nice walk shortly after arriving might help reduce their energy and also serve as an introduction for their new environment. Once you’re settled in make sure you also do some research on veterinarians and dog parks in your new area. Taking into consideration all of these tips will surely make it a much easier transition for your pet. Your furry friends deserve peace of mind throughout this process as well.