Short on Moving Supplies? UF Mover Guys Offers Boxes!

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UF Mover Guys offers everything from boxes to storage to ensure you have a perfect move. Leave the job to the most trusted moving company in Gainesville, Fla.

Determining how many boxes you will need for packing up your household items can be quite a challenge. With a little effort and a thorough review of your possessions, you should have a general idea of exactly what you need in a very short time.

Professional movers use many methods of estimating how many boxes you will need for each area of your home. The truth of the matter is that only you know the extent and sizes of all of your possessions.

Some homeowners are minimalists and enjoy the simple spareness of uncluttered rooms. Others hoard their many possessions for years.

Some will have large amounts of computer and stereo equipment, which will require larger boxes. Others own bookshelves full of various sizes of books and knickknacks, which need medium and small cartons.

An effective method for homeowners who are getting ready to move is to go from room to room and eyeball what needs to be packed. Write down an estimate of small, medium and large boxes that you feel will be needed for each area.

A kitchen would need several small boxes to pack food items and dishes. A garage may need larger boxes to gather lawn supplies and athletic equipment that is stored there.

Most rooms will require a variety of box sizes. A bathroom, for example, would need just a few medium boxes for towels and larger supplies and smaller boxes for toiletry items and small beauty equipment.

Tour the entire house, and write down the estimates for each room. Don’t forget porches and yards where toys, outdoor games, barbecue tools and lawn equipment tend to be found.

Add a few extra boxes to each size category to cover any extra items that will pop up during your packing. Total the number of small, medium and large boxes you feel you will need.

Add other necessary items such as packing tape, box dividers, markers, bubble wrap and newspaper to your list of moving needs. Be aware that some items such as televisions and stereo equipment will need special care and special packaging materials

These items are delicate. You need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that they arrive in working order at your final destination.

Depend on Gainesville Moving to provide you with the know-how to have an incident free transfer of your possessions. Gainesville Movers can help you decide on any other special needs you may have before your moving day.

The more organized you are and the more assistance you hire from movers, the less stressful your experience will be.