Common Packing Mistakes

Man holding a lot of boxes

Moving can be hectic, with so much to do in a short amount of time. Packing and moving efficiently can save you a lot of hassle and time in the long run. How you pack greatly impacts your moving and unpacking success. Here are some common packing mistakes to avoid during your move. 

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Underestimating The Amount

Underestimating how much you have to pack is an extremely common mistake people make when moving. Give yourself ample time and start organizing and decluttering your home weeks in advance. If you have a lot of belongings or particularly large and heavy items, consider hiring a professional moving company to help with your move.  

Insufficient Supplies

Without the proper supplies, moving will be a lot more difficult. Make sure to obtain enough quality boxes, it is better to have too many than not enough. Also, collect bubble wrap or moving blankets to help protect your items on the journey. 

Randomly Filling Boxes

It is tempting to pack quickly and say to yourself, “I will deal with this when I unpack.” However, you will save time and hassle if you pack per room. Packing per room allows you to pack and unpack efficiently. You pack boxes by what room items belong instead of a collection of those items. For example, a box with “master bedroom” items instead of “pillows” from all over the house. When you move, place the corresponding box in the room it belongs in. Randomly filled boxes take much longer to unpack and can often waste space and supplies. 

Not Labeling Boxes

Labeling boxes is essential, especially for glass and other breakable items. Labeling should indicate what room the items belong to and if the box contains any fragile items. 

Misplacing Commonly Used Items

We have all been there when you spend your first day in your new place and can’t find a water glass, socks, or charger. Making a designated “unpack first” box or suitcase with the essentials will help prevent this. Include a couple of days of outfits, essential toiletries, and anything else you know you will need on the first and second days of living in your new place.