How to Move “Ready to Assemble” Furniture

Make Moving “Ready to Assemble” Furniture Easy

Buying furniture can become expensive and can be difficult to assemble. “Ready to assemble” furniture is an easy and cheap alternative to other types of furniture and it looks nice too! However, before your Gainesville movers come, you should consider necessary extra steps you will need to take with any “ready to assemble” furniture.

Disassemble Furniture

Furniture from Ikea and equivalent stores may be useful but they can be easily damaged during the Gainesville moving process. In fact, it is often more expensive to repair pieces than replacing them completely. Therefore, it is best to take furniture apart before you move.

Store Hardware

These pieces of furniture use various small types of hardware that can easily become lost. Be sure to remove all of the fasteners, dowels, handles, pins, screws and cams completely. Place them in an individual plastic bag for each furniture unit and label it with a marker so you will be able to sort it easily when you are unpacking without losing any critical fragment.

Load Pieces into Moving Truck

If you have multiple types of “ready to assemble” furniture, you will want to keep track of them properly. Worst case scenario, you arrive at your new home and you are left with a variety of planks of wood and tons of small hardware pieces without a clue of what goes together. Avoid this complication by sorting your wood into the sections that go together and then wrap them in a large towel or blanket. This will keep the parts from getting mixed up and it will also prevent any scratches or marks while they are in the moving truck.

Choose a Superior Moving Company in Florida

If you are looking for a Gainesville moving company who will take care of your disassembled furniture to prevent it from getting damaged, choose UF Mover Guys. Our team strives to provide you with the best service possible with our attention to detail. In the unlikely event that something is damaged, we are licensed and insured so you can remain stress free. When you decide to move, call UF Mover Guys.