Tips for Making Moving with Pets Less Stressful

Moving is stressful for everyone involved, but humans have the advantage of knowing what they are getting into. Your furry friends will have no idea what is going on, and uprooting them from the home they have known and putting them somewhere new can be extremely difficult, making many pets prone to anxiety and behavior issues in reaction to the stress. To make sure that your pets have the most comfortable experience possible, here are some tips that will make the move much easier.

Keep the Pets Secluded

There will be a great deal of chaos during the move, and it can be extremely frightening for pets. Additionally, when people are walking in and out of the house, it could be very easy for a dog or cat to slip out the door and run away.

The best thing to do is choose one, secluded location away from the activity that your pet can stay in during the whole process. Make sure the space is as quiet as possible, well-ventilated, and filled with familiar smells. A bathroom is a good option, but make sure you put a sign on the door instructing people and movers to stay out and leave the furry friends alone.

Get the New Home Ready

Pets will be anxious when placed in a new place with new and unfamiliar smells. It’s a good idea to create a safe haven space in the new home before you bring your companions in. Pick one room, like a bathroom or extra bedroom that you can turn into a temporary space for your pets.

Make sure to put their toys, bed, and other belongings in the room, but you may also wish to place a few items of your clothing so that the pets will recognize your smell. Don’t put any of the moving supplies in the room because they could pose a hazard to your cat or dog.

Have the Proper Records

To start with, you need to ensure your pet has proper identification tags at all times. Their collar or harness should include a tag that has your name and phone number on it. While you don’t want your pet to get lost, during the chaos of a move, you need to be prepared for anything.

Additionally, you need proper veterinary records with you in case of an emergency. Just make a call to your veterinarian and ask for copies. They will be glad to provide them to you so that you have everything ready before moving.

Long distance moving is stressful, but any type of relocation can be hard on your pets, whether it is hundreds of miles away or across the road. Be sure to use these tips so that your pet and you will have the best experience possible.

Dogs and cats are susceptible to anxiety whenever anything changes in their daily lives. The more quiet and calm you can provide your furry friends during a move, the better they will be able to handle the whole process.