You Need to Be Aware of These Hidden Moving Costs

Moving is not as simple as packing a few boxes and loading them onto a truck. There is so much more to the process that can cause headaches, stress, and extra expense. It isn’t cheap to relocate as it is, but if you face hundreds of dollars in hidden fees and costs, then the move could become a serious issue.

Whether you are trying to keep the costs down or you just don’t want to be surprised with a big hit to the checkbook, here are hidden expenses that you need to watch out for and avoid.

Extra Costs with the Moving Truck

If you decide to take on the move on your own, then the rental truck can be a source of unexpected expenses. The cost of the rental is just the beginning. If your credit card company or auto insurance company doesn’t cover rental expenses, then you will need to buy the insurance policy available from the truck rental service.

Additionally, few people remember to factor in gas. However, those trucks don’t exactly get good gas mileage and you will need to return it with a full tank. Before you even begin the rental, you need to get a good idea of how much gas will cost for the whole move.

When you sign a truck rental agreement, you need to take a look at the mileage caps. Usually, your one-time cost will only cover a certain number and if you go over that mileage, then you will have to pay more.

Rental Cleaning and Damage

If you are moving out of a rental, then there are certain expenses that you must be aware of. You will be required to clean the place and that can mean cleaning it yourself or hiring a professional. If you don’t do this, then you could forfeit your security deposit or be charged with a cleaning fee that can be quite steep.

Additionally, if you damage the property in any way during the move (and this goes for a property you are selling as well), it will be your responsibility to pay for repairs in most cases. To avoid this, be careful not to scratch floors or scrape paint when getting the furniture out.


You never will be able to get enough boxes for the move. That is a fact of life. It’s a good idea to get an estimate of box count needed from your movers and then choose to pay for the high end in the first place. If you try to get by with less, you will find yourself having to pay for more boxes at the last minute. Other moving supplies can add to the cost as well, so be sure to factor them in from the start.

Hidden expenses during a move can add up quickly, and before you know it, you may find yourself in a bad financial situation at the worst possible time. Be sure to watch out for these hidden moving expenses and either avoid them or prepare for them in the first place.