Tips for Students Moving Off-Campus

As you plan your move to off-campus housing, there are many details to consider. From finding an apartment with a suitable location to budgeting for living costs, you could have quite a few decisions to make. One place to go for advice is a moving company Gainesville, FL, students and families trust. Based on their experience, movers who help students with moving off campus can be a wealth of helpful information.

Consider the Location

The length of your commute to campus is an important detail as you consider apartments or houses off campus. Whether you travel on foot, by bike, or in a vehicle, your commute to class should be convenient. Living near places for dining, shopping, and entertainment is another consideration that can make life outside of class more comfortable. So, as part of your housing search, explore the surroundings of the places where you might want to live. And once you’ve found a location that works, call movers Gainesville students trust. Be sure to schedule your move early, so you have enough of time to settle in before the semester starts.

Start Looking Early

As you would with a homework assignment, start your search for off-campus housing early. Demand for student apartments is high in Gainesville, but more rentals become available once the semester ends. Rather than waiting until just before the school-year begins, look for housing months before you’ll need it. And if opportunities seem limited, stay determined, because new options for housing can pop up from one day to the next. In fact, many students find housing by word-of-mouth from friends or social media.

Create A Budget

In contrast to a dorm room, where living costs are bundled into a flat monthly fee, off-campus housing requires you to balance payments for rent, utilities, food, and other necessities. You may also have to purchase furniture, unless can find a furnished student apartment. With so many costs involved in living off campus, making a budget is a helpful way to manage your expenses. Additionally, creating a supplemental calendar to remind you of payment dates for electric, internet, and other services can help you stay on budget by avoiding late fees.

Read Your Lease

A lease, or rental agreement, is a binding legal contract. Before you sign on the dotted line, read the details, so you know your responsibilities as a tenant. Ask your property manager or rental agent about any details in the lease you’re unsure about. Knowing the guidelines of the property for parking, maintenance requests, guests, and vacate notices helps you acclimate faster to the rules of your new community.

Make It Feel Like Home

After the movers in Gainesville, FL, transport your belongings to your new off-campus housing, it’s time to make the place feel like home with decorations and personal touches. Make a list of the amenities you’d like to add and prioritize them. As money in your budget becomes available, add that reading lamp, artwork, or cooking utensil. When your budget is tight, look for pre-owned items at second-hand stores or in the “free section” on Craigslist.

A Gainesville Moving Company for Student Moves

The demand for Florida movers gets pretty high before the start of the school year. At UF Mover Guys, we have an easy scheduling process and large team of professional movers to help with your move. Let us handle all the steps of moving for you, including packing, loading and unloading, and transportation. When a full-service move isn’t necessary, you can hire our movers just to do the heavy lifting, or we can provide you with boxes and packing materials for a do-it-yourself (DIY) moving experience. Contact us for help with your next move.

Preparing for Movers Before Moving Day

Moving is something that many people dislike to even consider. This is especially true when there are several years of accumulation and everything must be removed prior to properly cleaning the property. People who move often, such as people in the military or large corporations, have found that careful preparation will help avoid personal and family stress.

Things To Do Before Moving Day

Confirm with your Gainesville Moving Company

Of course, the first thing you must do is contact someone such as UF Mover Guys to determine the total cost of the move as well as any special considerations, such as insurance coverage to provide for any damage to the belongings being shipped. Such a company is more than willing to provide advice on packing, the type of boxes to use, how large a transport vehicle will be needed, length of the haul and other pertinent information.

Pack One Room at a Time

It is much easier to handle one room at a time. Look through it carefully, discard damaged or unusual items, and select things to go to a thrift store or other charitable institution. Always use good boxes, either furnished by the movers or purchased from another company. When a box is carefully packed, the box should be labeled so it is put in the right place upon arrival. This avoids having to go through a number of boxes to find something that is immediately needed.

Can’t Pack Yourself?  Hire Us To Do It

Many transport companies can supply packers who will expertly pack your belongings. In this case, they will usually furnish the boxes and any needed packing blankets. However, again, it is important to discard unwanted items ahead of time, as they will pack whatever is there, even an empty plastic butter tub.

Purge the Unnecessary Items and Donate to a Local Thrift Store

Moving entails other things besides packing and disposing of things no longer needed. It is extremely important to notify the post office of your new address and inform your landlord, if you have one, that you are leaving. You should also notify your bank, have utilities shut off, cancel any regular events you attend and so forth.

Gainesville moving companies should be able to provide a checklist that will help immensely in doing all the things that are necessary when one changes residence. A contract will be drawn up that states the cost of the move, the mileage and dates for pickup and delivery. Whether relocating across town or to another city, it is important to deal with someone who has the experience in the field and a good reputation for their customer’s concerns.

Moving in the Spring

Spring moves are some of the least hassle and most enjoyable moves possible. Unlike moving in the winter when you’re bombarded with extreme temperatures and a high potential for rain, a spring move avoids most of the inclement weather that can put a damper on the moving process. In contrast, a summer move brings with it a full onslaught of heat that can make you feel more drained and exhausted than what you would experience with a spring move. Movers in Gainesville, such as UF Mover Guys, are primed to help people who want to move at the first sign of blooming flowers and warmer weather. However, you need to prepare for your venue change to ensure a problem-free move.

Why Move in the Spring?

Spring moving rates are generally lower than at other times of the year, since fewer people move in the spring. People tend to have other things to worry about like the start of school and recovering from winter. Rental companies generally charge the highest rates over the weekends. If you’re flexible, you can find some of the best rates for your spring move by working with a moving company to nail down a date where they have high availability.

Spring is by far one of the cheapest time to move during the year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 45 percent of all moves occur during the summer months. Lots of people moving means that you’re going to pay a higher price for your move.


Clearing the Clutter

Gainesville moving companies generally charge by the amount they have to move. You can reduce your cost by doing a bit of spring cleaning during the moving process. Throw away anything you don’t need, and consider getting a storage unit if you have infrequently used items that you want to keep. The more you can get out of your house ahead of time, the less time you have to spend on the actual moving day. Clearly mark each box that you pack. If you’re having a Gainesville moving company do the packing for you, arrange items in a way that makes it easy for the movers to pack your items quickly and efficiently.

Vacation Time

Another significant advantage to moving in the spring is that your children may be on spring vacation. If you’re embarking on a large move, this may work in your favor. Moving during the spring can reduce the impact on your child’s schoolwork and you may even have vacation time available from work you can use. It’s easier for kids to move around when they don’t have to worry about schoolwork. Since a move can be a huge drain on the entire family, keeping kids out of school during the move can make it less stressful for everyone involved. Housing deals and apartment rental offers are usually at their best rates during spring time as well.


Ways to Reduce Your Moving Costs

In addition to moving during the spring, you can also reduce your moving costs by selling items you don’t need. Spring is the perfect time to host a garage sale. Since the weather is usually pleasant and people are naturally in the mood to get out for a stroll, a garage sale can be lucrative for you. Anything you can sell you won’t have to move. This can significantly reduce your burden when it comes time to pack up what remains of your home. Most local delivery companies also provide free delivery of new furniture. If not, you can order your furniture in advance and have your moving company in Gainesville pick up the furniture on the way to your new home.

How to Move a Pool Table

Pool tables present one of the most unique challenges available in the entire moving industry. These entertaining pieces of furniture are the perfectly nightmarish combination of gargantuan and delicate. There are many crucial considerations to keep in mind specifically pertaining to their exceedingly fragile nature. While you might think it is wise to cut costs by moving the unit on your own with no extra assistance beyond a group of amateur acquaintances, the truth is that you probably need help.

Why A Moving Company Should Move Your Pool Table

Pool Tables are Massive

It is common knowledge that game room furniture is obscenely weighty, but no amount of anticipation can prepare you for the heaviness that is at hand. Lifting these tables intact is nigh impossible, and there is no safe way to rotate them. Even if a group of people can lift a pool table off of the ground, carrying it will be a nearly insurmountable task with hazardous obstacles to dodge everywhere.

Disassembly Takes Tons of Effort

So, once you realize that the only way to move a pool table is in pieces, it is time to start working with a screwdriver. The individual parts must be separated in an extremely careful manner. Proper technique is essential to preserving the integrity of a pool table’s craftsmanship. The slightest error can result in complete debilitation of all playing functions.

Safety goggles will also be useful during this step. This is because the staples holding the pocket straps need to be undone, and they have an unpredictable nature when released from their pressurized position. After these are secured, it is time to free the rails. The felt can only be lifted after the rails pop out of the locks. You must be equipped to handle glue or nails at this stage, and it is impossible to tell which will arise. After all of this, you can flip the table over to detach the legs.

Reassembly Takes More Effort

If you are lucky enough to get all the pieces apart without destroying the table, it is time to undo all your hard effort of dismantling. There were no guidelines beyond safety for the previous step, but organization is the key to success now. Instructions must be followed perfectly to ensure all architectural elements are restored.

Minor Damage is Actually Extreme

The mildest flaw can completely ruin a pool table. An unlevel playing field is useless, and recalibration is a likely necessity. Tiny stretches in the fabric will generate a permanent wrinkle, which means the whole surface might need a replacement. The designated spots for each staple must be remembered. If re-gluing is necessary, be careful to avoid lumps that counteract the intended evenness.

Injury Can Occur

A lot of the equipment involved is heavy duty and dangerous. Accidents can occur within the blink of an eye. Trips to the hospital can derail an entire move, and expenses can be horrendously huge. One single instance of faulty handling can lead to hospital bills that are even bigger than the pool table itself.

They Will Not Fit in Most Vehicles

On top of everything else, this factor must also be kept in mind. Gainesville moving companies have the trucks that large pool tables need for secure transit. On the other hand, you probably don’t. Good luck trying to fit that colossal beast into a sedan!

The bottom line is that moving pool tables will usually require extra assistance, but do not fret. Simply seek services from moving companies in Gainesville, such as UF Mover Guys, the most professional moving company in the state. They can do the work while you relax!

How to Pack Wine and Liquor

If you have an admirable collection of liquor or wine, it’s a bit silly to imagine trying to transport it all in the back seat of your vehicle, right? Due to the glass packaging of most alcoholic beverages, they are difficult to transport and are very susceptible to breaking and handling fluctuating temperatures poorly during a move. This is why a bit of extra gentle handling is required for these types of items.

Wine Bottles to Pack

Packing Your Wine and Liquor Before Your Move

Taking Inventory

Certain types of liquors and wines should be stored at various temperatures, and this is why it’s wise to develop a game plan ahead of the move. White wines should be transported in cooler temperatures, such as in a portable cooler, while reds should stay in the general area of 55 degrees. A Gainesville moving company, like UF Mover Guys, that provides temperature-controlled vehicles is your best bet for the red varieties.

When wine increases in temperature and becomes hot, it ages much more quickly and runs the risk of becoming flat. Exceptionally low temperatures can easily dry out the bottle’s cork, making it easy for oxygen to seep in. Dry ice is used commonly by movers that have wine collections.

Once you’re ready to begin taking inventory of your alcohol collection, start making a note of liquids that can be packed together. This can give you a better idea of the number of boxes you’ll likely need.

Arranging Packing Materials

One of the best ways to gather packing supplies for these types of items is to check with local bars, liquor stores, nightclubs, and lounges for spare liquor and wine boxes. These types of materials are designed to transport liquor and wine by use of dividers, and they tend to be extremely sturdy. If you must use basic packing boxes, they must be heavy duty. Consider either buying/renting durable plastic containers or checking with local offices for copy paper packing boxes.

It’s advisable to wrap liquor bottles in sturdy cloth. Anything, ranging from towels to t-shirts, can be used. Wine can be packed this way too, but it’s a good idea to remember that in the event of an unfortunate glass bust, the cloth wrapping the bottle will likely be ruined. For wine, you should always leave bubble wrap and shredded paper for ideal packing materials.

Packing Your Alcohol

If you have to use traditional cardboard boxes for transporting your wine or liquor, be sure to affix a layer of tape to the bottom of the box for added support. Liquor and wine boxes won’t require this step due to their sturdiness. Consider layer a towel or shredded paper along the bottom of the box to cushion the contents. You might also want to individually wrap each bottle either with a thin cloth or paper to prevent label scratching. Place the liquor/wine into the box, and use extra towels or rags to fill the empty space around them.

Wine box for moving

Unpacking Your Alcohol

One of the first things you should steer clear of once you arrive in your new home is opening a bottle of wine for enjoyment. Liquor will be okay to open directly after the move, but wine will likely respond poorly to the drastic temperature changes. It’s a good rule of thumb to allow time for the wine to settle for 2-3 weeks before opening it. Once wine has been removed from its packaging, set it on its side again immediately. It’s very important that wine always touches its cork. If the cork dries out from standing upright for too long, oxygen will eventually seep in and ruin the beverage.

Moving Antiques And Extra Large Items

Can you imagine moving without even lifting a finger? It may be hard to imagine such a scenario, but with the right Gainesville moving company, it is very much possible.

UF Mover Guys knows how to make a move go as quickly and smoothly for you.
UF Mover Guys knows how to make a move go as quickly and smoothly for you.

Who would not enjoy moving when all the planning is already done for you? There is no need for you to worry about collecting boxes for packing. You don’t even have to think about how the unpacking will be done once your belongings reach the destination. Not only will you find all your belongings in place, but even the electrical appliances will be plugged in and ready to use. Let this be the ultimate moving experience you have always wished for, which lets you be the in-charge but does not require you to do a thing.


Moving Antique Pieces


You can make use of our made-to-order crates and climate-controlled storage spaces to keep your belongings in mint condition. Our expertise in helping people move gives them the peace of mind that even the most valuable and delicate of their stuff will arrive safely at the promised time, and here is how we do it:

  • We detail and photograph each of your vintage pieces before packing them securely.
  • Our crates are made according to the dimensions of every item in order to safeguard them from any damage.
  • Completely secure personalized storage spaces are available for keeping the antiques safe in a temperature and moisture controlled environment.
  • Our skilled movers are also equipped to arrange and carry huge items like pianofortes.


Transporting the wine bottles from your collection

Moving Wine in Florida

We consider our company like fine, aged wine. As we grow in experience, so does the quality of our work. When it comes to transferring your carefully picked wine collection from one location to another, we know exactly the way it should be done. Our knowledgeable staff will take every step possible to ensure that your prized collection of excellent wines is relocated just how you want it. This is why our range of services includes features like especially crafted crates and refrigeration for the entire course of transportation.


  • Just like with every item we pack and move, our company’s expert workers will take down details of all wine bottles in your collection and take pictures of them as well.
  • We can also provide you exclusive moving trucks that keep your wines under optimum temperatures during the entire moving process.
  • If need be, you can keep your wine collection in our specially designed storage facility with temperature controls.
  • We go to painstaking lengths in order to ensure safe transfer and unpacking of your wine collection at your new address.


Transporting Pianos


With years of skill and professional experience under our belt, we are proud to say that our Gainesville movers and packers are the best when it comes to moving pianos from one place to another. We understand the value of this beloved possession of yours and will take extra care to bring it to your new home safely.


  • Our dedicated team of experts is fully trained to dismantle, move and reassemble pianos, no matter what type. Whether you own a grand piano, an upright, a parlor or a baby grand.
  • We understand the fine art of handling pianos and taking good care of them, so you can be assured that your musical instruments are in safe hands.
  • With the use of state-of-the-art machinery and reliable workforce, we also offer to hoist extra large objects through windows, whenever required. We can also get it in touch with an expert to make your piano ready to play right before you arrive.
  • If and when needed, you can also choose make use of our temperature-regulated storage compartments.

Special Packing Techniques

When you are transferring between homes, it can be very tempting to want to leap in and do the work of packing on your own. However some, particularly weighty, objects can pose health risks. You probably do not possess all the appropriate packing material for them and those items also need to be loaded and unloaded with certain caution. Plus, even hefty objects are not always invincible.

uf movers


When packing a weighty object, it’s always advisable to pad it first. You can use items such as old newspapers, newsprint, even pieces from old boxes, etc., be sure that it’s not wadded as it will only add weight inside the box and, therefore, will not be protective. Next, place it in a box that will hold its size and weight to the maximum without breaking down. If you can hear slipping sounds to indicate that the item is sliding around, it’s the wrong box for that object as it puts the item at risk for damage. If this is unavoidable, it may be best to double-pad the packed item by slipping it into a second box.

With fragile materials, it is best to go through the same process and then mark that box “Fragile” and with some items such as vases, you will probably also need to add “this side up” to minimize the damage risk. Also, when you are getting yourself situated at your new home, it will also save you a lot of time if you label the contents and room on each box.

If you have any items that weigh 50 pounds or above and especially 80 pounds or above, a pallet (a floor-level platform that provides a stable structure) may need to be used but is best handled by professional movers such as those employed with our Gainesville moving company, UF Mover Guys.

It is also best to save technological items such as computers or landline phones for last because technological items are not only vulnerable to breakage but also to sustaining damage due to environmental temperatures. Both of these most likely have some of your personal contact information stored in them.

moving and packing

Objects that necessitate distinct packing

For items, such as certain furniture pieces that cannot be put into boxes, our main motto as Gainesville movers is to “pad it and wrap it”. That is, cover them with transfer blankets as necessary and then wrap them in expansive plastic wrapping. Since you will probably not be using the transfer blankets, renting them will save you money.

If you’re moving art pieces that are pricey or special to you and/or your family, it is advisable to ask a professional mover about a special crating. If you have any that have glass in the frame, pad it with something sturdy like bubble wrap and put an “X” mark with tape on the wrapping to hold it together in case it breaks apart.

Also, it’s never advisable to mix items from different rooms into boxes. This may be tempting as it does make the packing process go much quicker. However, first some items put together pose too great a risk for damage and secondly, when you unpack at your new home, you will be running all over the place just to have everything placed in the right rooms.

Myths about Moving Companies

Whether you’re moving for work or personal purposes, you are probably already thinking about all of the moving tasks that need to be completed. Relocating is a big project, one that takes time, energy and a lot of effort. One of the major concerns that individuals have when it comes to the moving process is whether or not it is advantageous to hire a moving company. To help you make the right decision, below are some of the most common moving myths dispelled and why it is to your advantage to hire a moving company.

moving Gainesville Florida

The First Myth: Moving Companies are Careless

The first big myth about moving companies is that they are careless when it comes to ensuring that nothing happens to your belongings. Most individuals that go through the moving process are extremely hesitant to hire a moving company because they fear that the movers will somehow damage or break their possessions. While this may be true of some moving companies, not all moving companies operate with a disregard towards their customers. Many moving companies actually have guarantees in place to ensure that your belongings will be moved with the utmost care and consideration.

Moving boxes on Curb

The Second Myth: Moving Companies Complicate the Process

The second major myth regarding moving companies is that hiring a moving company to help you move will only complicate the process. In reality, the opposite is true. When you hire a moving company, you are doing so in order to make your move easier, less stressful, and quicker. There are moving companies out there that truly do fulfill their commitment to the customer by making the move easy and less stressful. To meet your expectations, some moving companies even work with you to come up with a comprehensive plan regarding the moving process to ensure that everything stays on schedule.

The Third Myth: Moving Companies are Not Reliable

The final moving myth is that moving companies are not reliable. The main reason that many individuals feel this way about moving companies is because they tend to hire companies that truly are not reliable. When you choose a moving company, you want to do your research about the company and read past reviews. If the moving company is reliable, then it is going to show through reviews and information on the company’s website.

In essence, when it comes to moving myths, most of them are due to people’s negative experiences with moving companies. These negative experiences arise out of choosing the wrong moving service. To prevent this in your case, you want to choose a moving company that has many years of professional experience, that has fantastic reviews, and that works with you to schedule and get the job done. For example, if you are in the Gainesville area, then do your research on moving companies in Gainesville before you hire.

The Advantages of Hiring a Gainesville Florida Moving Company

Now that the main myths about moving companies have been dispelled, it is time to address how hiring a moving company can be to your benefit. While there are many great reasons why you should hire a moving company, there are three particular reasons that stand out among all others. The first advantage is that a moving company really does make a move less stressful. During the move, you do not need to worry about loading and unloading boxes or finding a truck that is big enough for your possessions.


The second advantage of hiring a moving company is that the job is being done by professionals. If you aren’t a professional mover, then you probably do not have experience with the moving process. Professional moving companies are aware of how to conduct a move in a structured and speedy way. The final advantage is that moving companies work with you and your needs. Before the move begins, you’ll be able to discuss with the movers your big concerns, how you want your items moved, and so forth.

Overall, there are moving companies out there that you can rely on to help you get the job done. Choosing UF Mover Guys helps simplify the process, it makes your move go quicker, and it reduces the stress levels associated with a major move.

Decluttering: What to Get Rid Of During A Move

Moving is almost always an exhausting feat, but a wise approach can dramatically simplify the ordeal. The easiest way to streamline a moving experience is by removing all excess. Anything that is non-essential can be discarded. This will make the entire job much easier, but you need to know which items to remove. To make relocation a happier time, the following guide explores belongings that can be donated or thrown away.


What To Declutter Before You Move:

Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals

Printed subscriptions are fun, but they can quickly accumulate a lot of extra weight for movers to handle. Furthermore, their tiny size makes it easy for disorganization to ensue. Avoid scattered messes by recycling old publications. This will make room for the next issues that will be arriving at your new address. Do not worry about losing any information, especially since most publishers back up their content online.


book clutter

These may not be issued as regularly as the previous items, but they are just as digitally accessible. E-readers can contain an entire bookshelf, and the knowledge will be permanently stored in your pocket. The need to lug around boxes of books is over. Any release that has a digital backup can be given away before the big move. More drastic measures can be taken as well; in fact, a whole literature collection can be exchanged for a library card. Take the extra books there as a gift to the community.


Songs are no longer solely stored on clunky hardware like records and CDs. Digital alternatives are everywhere. The Internet has copies of almost every track in existence, so rip the music and dump the discs! Obsolete media should be eliminated. Get rid of the cabinets full of cassettes and 8-tracks. Trade the cases of music for an MP3 player, or simply buy a hard-drive just for tunes. The movers will thank you when the time comes.


Relocation offers the perfect chance to measure the worth of your furniture. A discerning eye will help you figure out what items belong in your new home. If your new place is furnished, then your old furniture can be moved to the dumpster. Gainesville movers will help you decide what is worth bringing along for the ride. They will carry anything you want them to, but it is smart to give bigger accessories a second-thought. Huge pieces are nothing more than baggage in the long run.


Avoid the risk of damaging fragile goods by selling them beforehand. While moving companies in Gainesville are adept at handling sensitive items, it may not be worth the extra stress and hassle. There are huge markets for old goods, and the sales can help you recoup some of the losses incurred by moving, which is never free.


In a similar vein, artwork collections should also be narrowed down. They can be quite valuable, so there is no reason to risk possible damage. As a general rule, visual pieces serve no conventional function besides entertainment, so they should be considered expendable unless sentimentality overrules judgment. This rule especially applies to large canvases, gigantic sculptures and installation pieces. It is very easy to find receptive audiences for creative works, and the extra room will be incredibly refreshing.


These days, people acquire gadgets at a rapid pace. Upgrades are continuously released, and new models often lead to older ones being retired. Most of these obsolete devices simply linger around purposelessly. This culminates in quite a mess; therefore, the best route is to eliminate all electronics that aren’t current.


For any more tips, or help with your move go more smoothly, contact UF Mover Guys today!

declutter garage

Moving Tips — with Memes

Moving house can be a stressful affair, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Gainesville Moving we want to give you the tools and tips you need to take the stress out of transporting your home and have some fun doing it.

Whether you are re-locating for the first or the fourth time, Gainesville Movers will make moving so easy you’ll laugh out loud at the simplicity. Here’s some entertaining and useful tips from UF Mover Guys.

Plan WAY Ahead

Start thinking about what items you might need to sell before you move and get them well-listed in advance. Go through old storage and clothes to decide what you might want to donate or get rid of.

Schedule your movers weeks in advance — this will save you a headache later because the best movers are also usually consistently busy.

Think about changing your address two weeks ahead of time. Don’t forget to notify the bank, credit card company, Amazon, PayPal and magazine subscriptions along with the Postal Office and the utilities.

Enlist your friends to help with the move-in process, if you can. Also, think about hiring someone to watch your pets or children during the move.


Get UBER Organized

Packing and unpacking your house can be made easier if you use color coding for rooms and catalog your items by numbering each box. This will allow you to keep track of everything that you’ve packed, where it goes, and documents what you have in case a box goes missing.

Speaking of documentation- KEEP EVERYTHING. Make sure you hold on to the instructions to rebuild the desk, AND make sure you keep all your financial and health documents with you.

It’s better to keep all the important documentation with you, so that you don’t have to go looking for it later. If you are taking apart furniture at all, make sure you label all the pieces and tape them to their corresponding parts.

Pack Smarter

Make an essentials bag for each member of the family that has things like clothes for the next few days, toiletries and important electronics.

Pack an “OPEN FIRST” box. This should have things like a box cutter, toilet paper, eating utensils, trash bags, power strips, paper towels, some cookware, chargers, bath towels and cleaning supplies.

Use suitcases, laundry bins, baskets, etc. to your advantage by packing them with stuff. Also, you can use your dresser drawers as boxes with some stretch wrap to keep things from falling out.

You can even wrap your breakable dishes and glasses in clothing or socks to save on bubble wrap. A quick way to pack your closet is by using trash bags to take out whole sections of clothes.

Do A Little Every Day

If you can prepare for the move a little bit each day then your actual move-in day can be much less stressful. Pack AND un-pack by room to make things more manageable.

Clean each room as you pack it, and take pictures of the emptied room if you’re renting. Take a picture of the back of your TV and electronics so you can keep track of where everything plugs back in.

Make sure to defrost your refrigerator at least a day before the move to avoid leaking. Make your last grocery trip two weeks before the move date to avoid throwing out a lot of food.

Protect Your Stuff

Make sure you measure your furniture and determine whether you will need to take it apart to transport it. Stretch wrap your furniture and couches to prevent scuffs and scratches during the move.

Keep an inventory of your most valuable items and make sure you track them as they arrive at your new place. Pack your dinner plates vertically to avoid them breaking. Keep bottled toiletries in plastic bags to avoid a mess later.

Be Prepared

Try to clean the bathroom and the kitchen of your new place before you move in. Take pictures of your old place and your new place when they are empty for documentation, especially if you’re renting.

If you are transporting fragile valuables make sure they are properly packaged and give specific instructions on how they should be handled and packed.