Custom Boxes Are a Must for Certain Items

If you are moving, then packing can be a chore that you put off until you absolutely have to. However, this is a really big mistake since your belongings may get broken or damaged from not being secured away correctly. The best thing to do is start packing up nonessential belongings at least eight weeks before your move. You can slowly work your way toward the items you use the most one or two weeks before the day.

In addition to making sure you do take time and get everything stored in boxes, you need to pack in the right way. There are specialty boxes made for specific items that you should always use. If you don’t then you are taking risks with some of your more fragile belongings. You may not even know about some of the specialty materials that are available to you, but your professional movers will be able to help you out.

Plasma TV Boxes

Plasma televisions can never be laid on their side and they are extremely fragile. If you don’t take proper precautions with them, then the result could be disastrous and you certainly don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new set after you have just moved. There is a specialty box that is made specifically for these televisions. They will include thicker cushioning and packaging to ensure no extra stress is put on the fragile front screen on the set.


Glasses are extremely breakable to the point that they often end up on the store shelves cracked in their boxes. You can’t simply put them in a box and hope for the best and you certainly shouldn’t just depend on newspaper wrapping. Instead, you need to choose specialty moving supplies that are designed specifically for glassware. These durable and sturdy boxes will include dividers that will keep the glasses from clinking together and causing any damage.

China and Plates

If you have expensive china, you certainly don’t want to take any chances with it. That means knowing how to properly pack and store everything for moving. You can find specialty packing materials that are designed specifically for these items. They include cushioned dividers that will sit between each piece of china.

The vast majority of damage from moving comes when pieces clink together during rough patches in the road, so by keeping them separate, you can ensure the items have a much better chance of making it safely to your new home.

When you start packing to move, keep in mind that you have options that will ensure all of your belongings are safe. Not all things should be packed in standard boxes or wrapped in moving blankets.

Instead, talk to your moving company about options that will keep fragile items safe. These types of specialty materials include boxes for glassware and china as well as plasma televisions. Remember that the sooner you get started packing, the better you can take care of your belongings.