Myths about Moving Companies

Whether you’re moving for work or personal purposes, you are probably already thinking about all of the moving tasks that need to be completed. Relocating is a big project, one that takes time, energy and a lot of effort. One of the major concerns that individuals have when it comes to the moving process is whether or not it is advantageous to hire a moving company. To help you make the right decision, below are some of the most common moving myths dispelled and why it is to your advantage to hire a moving company.

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The First Myth: Moving Companies are Careless

The first big myth about moving companies is that they are careless when it comes to ensuring that nothing happens to your belongings. Most individuals that go through the moving process are extremely hesitant to hire a moving company because they fear that the movers will somehow damage or break their possessions. While this may be true of some moving companies, not all moving companies operate with a disregard towards their customers. Many moving companies actually have guarantees in place to ensure that your belongings will be moved with the utmost care and consideration.

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The Second Myth: Moving Companies Complicate the Process

The second major myth regarding moving companies is that hiring a moving company to help you move will only complicate the process. In reality, the opposite is true. When you hire a moving company, you are doing so in order to make your move easier, less stressful, and quicker. There are moving companies out there that truly do fulfill their commitment to the customer by making the move easy and less stressful. To meet your expectations, some moving companies even work with you to come up with a comprehensive plan regarding the moving process to ensure that everything stays on schedule.

The Third Myth: Moving Companies are Not Reliable

The final moving myth is that moving companies are not reliable. The main reason that many individuals feel this way about moving companies is because they tend to hire companies that truly are not reliable. When you choose a moving company, you want to do your research about the company and read past reviews. If the moving company is reliable, then it is going to show through reviews and information on the company’s website.

In essence, when it comes to moving myths, most of them are due to people’s negative experiences with moving companies. These negative experiences arise out of choosing the wrong moving service. To prevent this in your case, you want to choose a moving company that has many years of professional experience, that has fantastic reviews, and that works with you to schedule and get the job done. For example, if you are in the Gainesville area, then do your research on moving companies in Gainesville before you hire.

The Advantages of Hiring a Gainesville Florida Moving Company

Now that the main myths about moving companies have been dispelled, it is time to address how hiring a moving company can be to your benefit. While there are many great reasons why you should hire a moving company, there are three particular reasons that stand out among all others. The first advantage is that a moving company really does make a move less stressful. During the move, you do not need to worry about loading and unloading boxes or finding a truck that is big enough for your possessions.


The second advantage of hiring a moving company is that the job is being done by professionals. If you aren’t a professional mover, then you probably do not have experience with the moving process. Professional moving companies are aware of how to conduct a move in a structured and speedy way. The final advantage is that moving companies work with you and your needs. Before the move begins, you’ll be able to discuss with the movers your big concerns, how you want your items moved, and so forth.

Overall, there are moving companies out there that you can rely on to help you get the job done. Choosing UF Mover Guys helps simplify the process, it makes your move go quicker, and it reduces the stress levels associated with a major move.