Simple Steps to Long Distance Moving

For most people, moving across the street or down the block is not a reality. Instead, you are much more likely to relocate hundreds of even thousands of miles away. The long distance makes the whole move all the more complicated and you do have to take special precautions and make specific decisions for this type of relocation.

Talk to the Insurance Company

You need to ensure that your belongings will be safe during the whole move, so you need to take to your insurance company about your current homeowners’ or renters’ policy. In some cases, your belongings will be covered until you reach the new home, but it is always a good idea to check because your items will be much more at risk during long distance moving.

Label Everything Properly

If you are just relocating in the same town, you probably will remember where everything is packed because the short time that elapses from home to home. However, when you will be spending several days on the road, you may forget where things are and this can make setting up your new household all the more difficult.

As you start packing boxes, make absolutely sure you are labeling everything properly. If you want to make things all the more easy, purchase an inexpensive Polaroid camera, and take a picture of the room in which the box belongs and tape it to the top.

Use the Right Moving Supplies

Because your belongings will be on the road for much longer, supplies matter all the more because you need to ensure everything is packed carefully. Moving blankets should be used to protect furnishings from scratches. Proper boxes and packing materials should be used to protect valuables and breakables.

Hire the Right Company

If you are hiring a moving company, then consider one that specializes in residential/household moving and that has a good reputation. You need to ask quite a few different questions before hiring a company, like how they hire their employees, what type of insurance they have, how they calculate fees, and whether or not they guarantee move in and out dates.

Prepare a “Ready Kit”

Since you won’t have access to your belongings for several days, you need to have important supplies readily available while you are moving. This ready kit should include toiletries, basic kitchen and food items, medications and anything else you will need easy access to when you are on the road and when you first arrive at your new home.

Long distance moving is quite different from just heading across town, but for many people, it is a necessity. Whether you are relocating for work, for school, or for any reason, going for thousands of miles brings its own set of difficulties. There are certain steps you can take to ensure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. Follow the steps above and you can get to your new home with your belongings still intact and ready to be unpacked.