Items Movers Can and Should Not Move

You should be aware of the certain items that movers will not transport due to safety, ethical laws or state laws. Image is from

While it’s always great to have the help of a moving company to transport your possessions from one location to another, you should be aware of the certain items that movers will not transport due to safety, ethical laws or state laws. UF Mover Guys can help clarify how particular items can be moved if they won’t do so. Somethings are just better moved personally as opposed to having someone do it for you.

Law states that pets can not be transported in a moving truck over any length of distance. Therefore, you should make arrangements to transport your pet in a personal vehicle while in a carrier or cage for safety.

Most states prohibit transporting plants over a certain distance, typically over 150 miles. So, if you’re relocating across a town, Gainesville Movers can transport your plants. However, if you’re relocating to somewhere over 150 miles away, they won’t be able to.

Hazardous items, which is anything that’s flammable, corrosive, or explosive, will not moved by movers who by law, are required to refuse transporting such items. Any acids, weed killer, bleach, nail polish and remover, gasoline, matches, charcoal, batteries, loaded weapons, fireworks, ammunition, car oil, and anything of that sort should be properly disposed of.

Any item that’s perishable also may not be moved by Gainesville Moving, however they may do so if the perishable items are properly packed and will require no servicing. You’ll have to discuss whether or not they’ll transport your perishable items.

Although it’s not law, you should keep yourself responsible for transporting items that can not be replaced, such as personal records, photos, keys, medications, anything of sentimental value and so forth in case the items get delayed, lost, or damaged in transport by Gainesville Moving.

Companies will also usually not move such items as cash, jewelry, or other items of value. These kind of things are best being moved in a personal vehicle where you know where they are. If you happen to have a lot of valuables that needs transporting, there are specialized companies that can provide security officers for that service.

Whether you’re just relocating a few miles away to another part of town, or venturing off to a new state, laws and regulations can determine what can and can not be transported by a company over a certain distance or not at all. It’s also best to find out this information before making the move and know how to be prepared.