What to Ask a Moving Company Upfront Before You Hire Them

Moving begins with shopping around for a moving company. Your first instinct may be to ask family, friends and colleagues about their experiences with moving companies.

However, you can and should speak with prospective moving companies about what they can do for you. Here are some specific questions you need to ask that only the company can answer.

  • How exactly is my moving fee calculated?
  • What if we are delayed for some unforeseen reason? Will there be extra charges? If so, what would those costs be?
  • What if we had to cancel our move for some reason? Are there fees that are not refundable?
  • What process do you use when hiring the actual movers? Are they bonded? Drug tested? Have you run background checks?
  • What sort of insurance policy does the Gainesville Moving company have? Do I receive a copy of proof of insurance?
  • What protections does your insurance coverage offer me in case of loss or damages?

Acquiring the company’s proof of insurance is a smart move and worth investigating. Sometimes answers to insurance coverage questions are not always clear prior to the move. It is best to obtain a company’s proof of insurance and call the insurance company directly. A few questions you will want answered include:

  • Is the policy current and in effect? Does the coverage extend to include your moving date, and are any further payments required prior to that time that will affect coverage? If so, on what date?
  • What happens in case there is a claim? Who will deal direct with the insurance company? What is their process?
  • Does the coverage require special riders for larger or heavier items? If so what are those fees?
  • Is the coverage based upon the declared value for each item, or a total lump sum?
  • Will I need to verify purchase prices of items lost or damage to prove value in order for coverage to be in effect?

Preparing to hire a Gainesville Moving company may seem a bit overwhelming with all the things you want to investigate prior to the move date. However, you will be glad you verified the above information in case of some unforeseen problem.  UF Mover Guys has proven time and time again to be the best in the business, and has an honest policy with all of their clients.

Sticking with a reputable and verifiably reliable Gainesville mover will alleviate stress and help the transition be a smooth one.