Environmentally Friendly Moving Tips

Our community takes pride in being one of the most environmentally friendly cities in central Florida. Image is from 1stclasscleaningnyc.com.

Take a walk around Gainesville if you are new to the city. You will notice some things.

Hybrids ride through the streets. Recycling bins line the sidewalks. Posters advocating environmental awareness droop from building walls.

Our community takes pride in being one of the most environmentally friendly cities in central Florida. UF Mover Guys takes pride in the community.

We care about what our customers care about, which is why we include environmental initiatives in our mission.

We acknowledge moving can be harmful for the environment. As a result, we have worked to develop techniques to make moving a bit greener.

These approaches do not add to the time required to make the transition. In fact, many of the suggestions make moving cheaper and more efficient

Movers waste too much effort using unnecessary packing materials. Few of these materials are good for the environment once they are discarded.

Padding delicate items can be done using materials that you already have around the house. You are likely to be packing these materials.

For example, leftover newspaper, comforters, pillows and clothing make wonderful packing materials. They are effective at absorbing shocks throughout the move.

Common alternatives to these items like bubble wrap and Styrofoam can be expensive. Therefore, you will also save some money using them.

Moving can also be more efficient when you scrap the cardboard boxes and make use of plastic bins. These bins can be used for storage once you are in your new home.

Moving involves a considerable amount of cleaning either in your old home or the one you are going to. In order to keep the process green, dump all petroleum-based products.

Replace these products with natural products. Many green cleaning products have multiple cleaning applications, which will save you money.

Avoid using endless rolls of paper towels. Rags and old t-shirts are the ideal solution when it comes to avoiding waste when cleaning.

Moving is a good time to consider downsizing. Clear out closets, and get rid of as many old possessions as possible.

If you have items that you have not used in the last three years, then it is unlikely that you will use them in the future. Downsizing lessens the amount of work that comes with the move.

This opportunity is the ideal time to donate items to charity or have a yard sale. These activities will help with the cost.

When shopping for moving companies, choose a company that shares your desire to protect the environment. Choose UF Mover Guys.