Mover’s Guide to Storage

Most professional movers recommend looking for a storage company eight weeks prior to moving. Image is from

Moving is an excellent time to consider downsizing.

Downsizing makes moving easier because it decreases the amount of stuff you have to move. Having less junk gives you more space in your new home.

Having less also means having less to unload and reorganize into the house. Downsizing contributes to giving your home a less cluttered appearance.

You probably have items you do not need but cannot bear to part with. However, you may not have room for them if you are moving into a smaller space.

Never get rid of an item with significant sentimental value. Instead, get a storage unit.

You may question whether purchasing a storage unit is necessary if you have a spare room, basement or attic. Storage rooms need to be cool, dry and dark to avoid mold and insects.

Basements that are not insulated well suffer from drafts and water seepage during the winter and heavy rains. These conditions make your belongings vulnerable to mold and water damage.

Attics are slightly better than basements, especially if they are sealed and insulated. However, insects and small animals could sneak in and cause damage.

Storage units, on the other hand, offer guaranteed security for your items. Companies that specialize in storage have the experience and the equipment to protect your things. Most companies usually provide insurance for your belongings.

If you decide to use a storage service, you should begin contacting companies early. Most professional movers recommend looking for a storage company eight weeks prior to moving.

UF Mover Guys  understands many people in Gainesville are relatively young or otherwise unaware of this fact. Our company now offers climate-controlled storage.

Climate-control is an important storage feature to have in Florida because of the humidity. The heat and moisture breed bacteria and can damage delicate items like fine wood and paper.

Letting your moving company handle your storage has unique advantages. You do not have to pack your belongings and drive them to the storage facility yourself.

Instead, you can simply pack the items you plan to put in storage with the items you plan to move into your new home. The movers will take them to the facility for you.

Just be sure to separate the items going to storage from the items going with you. The last thing you want is a mix-up.

Next time you are planning a move, ask about UF Mover Guys storage as well!