Mover’s Guide to Storage

Most professional movers recommend looking for a storage company eight weeks prior to moving. Image is from

Moving is an excellent time to consider downsizing.

Downsizing makes moving easier because it decreases the amount of stuff you have to move. Having less junk gives you more space in your new home.

Having less also means having less to unload and reorganize into the house. Downsizing contributes to giving your home a less cluttered appearance.

You probably have items you do not need but cannot bear to part with. However, you may not have room for them if you are moving into a smaller space.

Never get rid of an item with significant sentimental value. Instead, get a storage unit.

You may question whether purchasing a storage unit is necessary if you have a spare room, basement or attic. Storage rooms need to be cool, dry and dark to avoid mold and insects.

Basements that are not insulated well suffer from drafts and water seepage during the winter and heavy rains. These conditions make your belongings vulnerable to mold and water damage.

Attics are slightly better than basements, especially if they are sealed and insulated. However, insects and small animals could sneak in and cause damage.

Storage units, on the other hand, offer guaranteed security for your items. Companies that specialize in storage have the experience and the equipment to protect your things. Most companies usually provide insurance for your belongings.

If you decide to use a storage service, you should begin contacting companies early. Most professional movers recommend looking for a storage company eight weeks prior to moving.

UF Mover Guys  understands many people in Gainesville are relatively young or otherwise unaware of this fact. Our company now offers climate-controlled storage.

Climate-control is an important storage feature to have in Florida because of the humidity. The heat and moisture breed bacteria and can damage delicate items like fine wood and paper.

Letting your moving company handle your storage has unique advantages. You do not have to pack your belongings and drive them to the storage facility yourself.

Instead, you can simply pack the items you plan to put in storage with the items you plan to move into your new home. The movers will take them to the facility for you.

Just be sure to separate the items going to storage from the items going with you. The last thing you want is a mix-up.

Next time you are planning a move, ask about UF Mover Guys storage as well!

Moving into Off-Campus Housing

Students are typically eager to leave the dorm and move into their apartments. Image is from

Every University of Florida student probably knows someone who lives in off-campus housing. Gainesville caters to students with a wide variety of hip and affordable housing options.

Students are typically eager to leave the dorm and move into their apartments. They view it as a part of gaining independence and becoming an adult.

As with any move, students often run into pitfalls. These pitfalls can sometimes be more than they bargained for.

Complications can be categorized into locating a property to rent, issues with the property owner and moving belongings.

Gainesville has a competitive renting market because of the abundance of students who choose to live off-campus. Students search for housing as early as the first few weeks of the semester before they move.

To compete, you have to find roommates and living quarters before the semester is over to ensure you have a place to live. Too many students wait too late.

Do not let the pressure interfere with caution, however. Thoroughly inspect the property in question before signing a lease.

Look for damaged or broken elements in the house. These elements include peeling paint, broken appliances, non-working light switches and health hazards.

Document any of these issues at the beginning. If you do not, your landlord might try to deduct them from the security deposit at the end of the lease.

Landlords oftentimes attempt to reduce the money returned from the security deposit for natural wear-and-tear. Do your shopping and try to pick a landlord that will treat you with respect and consideration.

Another big dilemma is actually moving your stuff into your new apartment. This part is where UF Mover Guys comes in.

Our company aims to take the stress off your shoulders. We will pack everything into our truck and transport it for you. The only thing you need to worry about moving is yourself.

You can drive to your new place with the assurance that your things are in good hands. We are careful to pack all of your things away quickly and without any breakage.

You might not think using a moving company is necessary. You may also think hiring a moving company is too expensive.

While it is true hiring a moving company is not necessary, being able to move with comfort and ease is well worth the price. And our prices are set with the goal of being cost-efficient for a college budget.

Despite some of the challenges presented in this article, one should not hesitate to move off-campus. Moving into an unsupervised, off-campus residence is a great adventure for any student.

The personal responsibility living off-campus teaches is excellent for any adult and the freedom it grants contributes greatly to personal growth and cultivates new relationships.

Whether this is your first or fifth time moving, living outside the dorm and in the community can be a rewarding experience.

Becoming a Moving Company Detective

Because relocation has many potential pratfalls, our Gainesville Movers believe it is important that consumers become moving-company detectives. Image is from

Moving is one of the most fatiguing and time consuming processes. While many people decide to tackle the task on their own, they often run the risks of hurting their backs, threatening the well-being of their property and taking massive amounts of personal time away from work. Moving-companies can be a life-saver in both expediting and easing the massive undergoing of moving. Regardless, outsourcing to paid movers has its own set of headaches.

We’ve all heard the horror stories; boxes full of precious property gone missing, cracks in 60 inch LED flat screen televisions and irremovable dirty footprints on plush new carpeting. Often times, such stories can be true despite whatever dollar-figure is paid for a mover’s services. In the end, price is secondary to the level of customer service provided by a given company. Because relocation has many potential pratfalls, our Gainesville Movers believe it is important that consumers become moving-company detectives.

Simply browsing a series of web listings, comparing prices and reading company websites is not going to be a enough to make a truly informed financial decision. Instead, customers should arm themselves with important questions, ensuring potential prospects are closely interrogated before one pounces upon a business’s self-proclaimed “hot-deal.” In addition, consumers should always follow up questioning by asking former customers about previous experiences. Reputable companies may swear upon a clean track record and choose to omit instances where their services were not great. In comparison, other customer’s are more willing to be honest with fellow consumers. Ask each business for references that you can follow-up with.

Be sure to use questions similar to these:

  • Did the former customer receive a binding or nonbinding estimate? If the estimate was nonbinding, how much did the mover exceed the quote by? Why did the quote change?
  • When signing the contract, did the reference have the option for any insurance or promised compensation for damage incurred to the customer’s possessions? If so, did the customer find they were good on their promise if damage was incurred?
  • Did the contractor show up at an agreed upon time, as per their contract?
  • How well did the company adhere to the estimated time-line for service?
  • Did the company have the necessary equipment needed to wrap items carefully and provide safe transportation?
  • Did the hired crew have clear directions to the new residence, ensuring their was no wasted time on the road?
  • If any unexpected delays arose, was the reference contacted with an explanation of why they were held up? If so, was the reference charged additionally for the unforeseen issue?
  • Did any of the customer’s belongings suffer damage as a result of the mover’s mishandling any time during the transportation process? If yes, how extensive was the damage?
  • Was the crew enthusiastic, friendly and willing to work hard without complaint? Was the reference met with verbal obstacles and delays? Examples could include, “This item is too large” or “We aren’t hired to take furniture apart”?

Often times, companies similar to UF Mover Guys may offer fantastic service; however, it is still crucial that people ensure every mover investigated is licensed with the Department of Transportation and/or Interstate Commerce Commission of a given state. Contacting the Better Business Bureau can provide a wealth of knowledge on likely moving-company options, including licenses, customer complaints and unethical employee treatment.

Once a consumer has fully researched about four to five companies, one can begin narrowing down choices. From those four to five companies, two or three viable prospects should standout. Only now should a customer begin receiving quotes from moving-companies. Comparing customer service with the offered quote will provide a fully informed prospect. As a detective, costumers can ensure a smooth and affordable relocation process.